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  1. davidhef88

    New build

    Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving. Today I would like to unveil a little project I started in the spring and had to put off for a few months. We put in a new patio (1500 sq ft) with a gazebo and monstrous outdoor fireplace. Needless to say I just didn’t have time to finish this...
  2. davidhef88

    Some Sunday pastrami

    Picked up a whole packer a couple of weeks ago. I cut it in half. Smoked half a couple weeks ago and been curing the other half for pastrami.
  3. davidhef88

    Pastrami updated w/q-view

    Made my first pastrami from some brisket. Turned out great. This was made with a pice of prime brisket I took off of a whole packer. It was cured in pops cure for 10 days and slow and low smoked for about 18 hours. Goes great with my homemade sauerkraut.
  4. davidhef88

    Game day pulled pork nachos

  5. davidhef88

    26 hour butt.

    Was off work for a few days and decided to throw a butt in to snack on for a few days. Gave it a good rubbing and threw it in at 225*. The temp hovered around there for the entire smoke. I didn’t foil when it hit the stall because I love a nice bark. I had nothing but time so I just let it...
  6. davidhef88

    Smokey bird

    got my bird in the smoke about 8:00 this morning. The outside temperature is a blistering 14*f. Preheated my sand pan in the oven to 350* to save on my propane tank. Smoker is wrapped in a double layer of welding blankets and running at 325*. Have some veggies dry roasting in there right now...
  7. davidhef88

    Chuckie decision time

    Picked up a couple chuckies. Thinking about making pepper stout beef. Haven’t done it in a while and is always a good go to. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/pepper-stout-beef-q-view.148647/
  8. davidhef88

    Propane smoker on a cold day.

    Was planning my NYE smoke of baby backs and prime rib. The high temp for the day was a balmy 5*. I was concerned about holding temperatures and not wanting to burn through a whole tank. I have made many mods to this master forge smoker and it runs very efficiently. I decided the day before that...
  9. davidhef88

    N.Y.E. Prime rib

    Hi all! I haven’t been around much mostly due to the fact that I haven’t done much smoking the last year. That is all about to change after last nights dinner. I did 2 racks of BBs and a 7 lb. prime rib. Every thing came out perfect. Did the ribs the usual 2-2-1 method @ 225*. The prime rib was...
  10. davidhef88

    NYE feast.

    Ran into some short ribs for $1.69/lb so I bought the 7 pounds they had left. Picked up a few racks of baby backs, and threw in a buffalo chicken fattie for good measure. While everything was in the smoke, I whipped up a batch of smoked jalapeño BBQ sauce.
  11. davidhef88

    KISS thighs

    Decided to do some thighs today. Went to throw some rub on them and realized I'm out of rub. Feeling quite lazy on this snowy day I decided "keep it simple stupid " So these guys got the SPOG (salt, pepper, onion and garlic) method. I'll post some plated pics in a bit. Thighs, garlic parm...
  12. davidhef88

    Thanksgiving #2

    Did another bird today. 21 pounder came out perfect. Made some more of JJ's famous smoked gravy to go with it. Everyone loved it.
  13. davidhef88

    Black Friday meat sale?

    Who ever heard of such a thing. I picked up three of these cute little guys today.
  14. davidhef88

    The bird.

    Got the gasser fired up at 9:45 to get the sand pan up to temp. It's a balmy 37 degrees here today so I wanted to make sure she was hot. Got my carrots, celery, and garlic into a foil pan for some of JJ's smoked gravy. Got the 18 lb. bird prepped and into the 280* smoker at my target time of...
  15. davidhef88

    A little hickory

    Was out playing with my chainsaw today and the neighbors came over. He asked if I could drop a small dead tree for him. Once I saw the beauty I had stumbled upon, I offered to remove it as well. I use chunks in my gasser so I cut logs into 2"rounds and chunk with the hatchet. I should be good...
  16. davidhef88

    Picture problems

    Anyone else having problems uploading pictures?????
  17. davidhef88

    Some ribs

    Heading over to see some friends and have a few too many adult beverages. They asked if I could be so kind as to bring some of my ribs they love. An excuse to smoke ribs? I'm all in. Even made a batch of smoked jalapeño bbq sauce. All rubbed and going in.
  18. davidhef88

    Smoked thighs

    Hello everyone I have been super busy and haven't had a lot of time to hang here with you all. I'm hoping that changes soon. Here are some thighs I threw in quick this afternoon. Smoked at 275*-300* with some hickory chunks. They were fantastic. Enjoy the pics. The 
  19. davidhef88

    Nice ring on stuffed loin

    I could eat these every day. Stuffed with mushrooms sautéed in butter and burgundy, and sharp cheddar. Smoked with hickory @225* for about three hours.
  20. davidhef88

    Stuffed loin. Q-VIEW.

    Sautéed some mushrooms in burgundy, rosemary, and thyme. While that was going on I butterflied the loin and got the smoker sitting at about 240*. Filled the loin with the mushrooms and some cheese, rolled, tied, and into the smoke. Hit it with some hickory and pulled it at 140* (a little over...
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