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  1. billclarkson

    questions about my new braunfels smoker

    gosh it has been so long since i have posted anything here, but i took a leap this past weekend and purchased a New Braunsfel Smoker with side fire box.......$150 at academy. From what i can see the barrel diameter is smaller then the chargrill with sfb and i kinda thought smaller barrel might...
  2. billclarkson

    Pork Brisket Strips bone in

    Okay all you masters of the thin blue smoke. How should i fix these brisket strips? Was thinking maybe 3-2-1 method but then again could just stick a thermometer in and smoke till around 180? Any adivice is helpful, oh and by the way here is what one looks like after rubbing with some mustard...
  3. billclarkson

    My Avatar

    I do hope that my avatar or Marine photo and it's sayings does not offend anyone. I served 20 years in the service and i am very proud of my time in the Marines. Semper Fi to all.
  4. billclarkson

    i caught myself

    I just have a little question for all you long time smokers who have been looking for the thin blue smoke??????? My smoker is a simple char-broil electric smoker and i foiled some mesquite chunks and put some holes in the foil. And after getting the meatloafs ready and put on, i came in the...
  5. billclarkson

    This last weekend

    I am here to tell you a picture is for sure worth a thousand words, but then how do you turn that into taste. Wanted to share a few photos of the Boston Butt and some brats i did this last weekend. Now that i have overcome these mighty pieces of meat, guess it will be time to see if i can...
  6. billclarkson

    Converting propane smoker

    Just throwing this out there for y'all and maybe someone has done this or has been thinking it. Been thinking of getting a propane smoker and since at this time there is a old natural gas grill on the back porch was wondering if there is a easy way to convert the propane to natural gas. Maybe...
  7. billclarkson

    Onions compared to Onion Powder

    Well all i am one person who loves all these neat recipes and i would have to say that 95% of them call for chopped or sliced or diced onions. I have to confess that the only way that anyone can get a onion passed me is if they mush it up that it is almost a liquid. i just can not bit into a...
  8. billclarkson

    Time for a new smoker

    Well to all the masters of the thin blue smoker, i would surely appreciate any suggestions that you might give me towards my new smoker. I currently own and have smoked some fine meats on my CharBroil Electric Smoker. My choice at the time i got that was i did not want to spend hours outside...
  9. billclarkson

    Checking out the outlets

    Howdy folks from way down south in Texas, i'm using a char-broil electric smoker, oh and i think it is like larry maddocks, but was wondering if someone could tell me how to check the 3 way outlets to be sure they can handle the smoker. I have had some good luck out of this one outlet and now i...
  10. billclarkson

    ???????? for smoking a cooked ham

    Howdy there folks, the wife and i decided to have a ham for thanksgiving, and we found a four and half pound already cooked and sliced ham. I know you can just throw in oven and heat it up but i wanted to try and add some smoke flavor and maybe a good glaze or sauce or something to it to make...
  11. billclarkson

    cooking times

    i know that it is a rule of thumb to smoke for 1 1/2 hours per pound, and now here is my question, if i have a say 5 pound steak or piece of pork then i would cook it for 7 1/2 hours or so. Now if i took that same steak or pork and cut it into 5 one pound pieces of meat do i cook it the same...
  12. billclarkson

    new to smoking, electric and small vertical charcoal

    Trying to get some good lessons on how to smoke some fine meats in my electric smoker. Would like all the suggestions for proved and true modifications to the smoker.( char-brol electic water smoker). I have read about using sand instead of water, if some have gotten this kindly share with the...
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