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  1. doug123

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Haven't been on in a while. Been busy at work and had to pack my smoker up for the winter. Last time I tried just wasn't worth it. Too cold and windy in my neck of the woods. I will be plenty hungry for something smoked come spring :D Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! I...
  2. doug123

    Cast iron pie irons

    Nothing beats cast iron pie irons in the fire :D
  3. doug123

    Sirloin Roast

    Rubbed down with spicy mustard, sprayed with apple juice, pecan and cherry smoke. Pulled at 142. Didn't let it rest long enough, too much juice ran out when I sliced it. I need to learn to start sooner, my wife is the impatient type :roll: Still good stuff though :D
  4. doug123

    Some tips on smoking a ham please

    Hey everybody, We are going to Wal-Mart soon for a grocery order and we just decided on a last minute smoke for a ham. I'm just going to pick up a cheap, pre-cooked, non smoked one. I'm going to look around for what to do but if anyone can get back to me in the meantime I'd appreciate it...
  5. doug123

    Smoked turkey breast and wicked baked beans

    First I coated with EVOO and rubbed with Tone's Cajun Seasoning. I had the idea to use the skin that comes with this as kind of a protector, so after coating the turkey I wrapped the skin back around and secured it with tooth pics...
  6. doug123

    I need some marinade injection lessons please...

    I see a lot about using injectors on here. I faintly remember having one about 10 years ago. Think I used it once and I have no idea what happened to it. I don't remember having any idea what I was doing. Seems like everyone holds Tony Chacheres in pretty high regard for both marinades and...
  7. doug123

    Smoked sirloin steaks???

    I saw a thread on here a while ago about smoked sirloin steaks. Has anyone done this? I used to buy sirloin steaks at Sam's Club because they were pretty cheap. Sometimes they would be a little tough, but every once in a while I would get a batch that were really tender and delicious. After...
  8. doug123

    Plum wood chunks

    I recently bought some wood chunks and got a pound of plum. I was thinking about using it to smoke a turkey breast this weekend. I also have apple so I am undecided which to use. I think I have heard that plum wood is good with turkey? Has anyone done it? I figure I might go with the plum...
  9. doug123

    What the heck is a beef roll???

    I was at Sam's Club tonight. While looking through the meat section, I saw something called beef roll (I think?). It was "something" roll. It was big, like 18 or 20 pounds, and the whole thing was around $30 so I guess it didn't cost a whole lot by the pound. I couldn't get over how big it...
  10. doug123

    Turkey breast, foil and cooler???

    Brothers, I did a turkey breast a month or so a go that turned out real good. I'm looking to do another one Saturday. My wife will be at work, so I would like to start it around noon or even earlier so it is done before 5pm, when she gets home. So let's say it is done at 4pm and we aren't...
  11. doug123

    Brisket question please

    With all this brisket talk I want to try one out sometime soon. I have read enough about them on here that I think I have a pretty good idea how to go about smoking one. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and was checking out the meat. They had brisket flats and they also had nice looking sirloin...
  12. doug123

    Wannabe blackened catfish

    OK, I really screwed this one up :cry: Mistake #1: Somehow I talked myself into believing I could get the same good blackened results I did the last time with only half the charcoal. I used 1 charcoal chimney full instead of 2. Mistakes #2, #3, #4 and #5: I was out of Crazzy Cajun...
  13. doug123

    Could wood chunks dried for 1 week be ok to smoke with???

    Hello all, I recently bought 12 pounds of different wood chunks to smoke with off the internet. I have received them, and they look and feel great. Not that I am an expert. The guy selling them seems nice enough and I asked him how he gets the wood and dries it, etc. He says he gets it right...
  14. doug123

    How do you spray butter from a spray bottle???

    I was trying to do this when making blackened salmon but the butter didn't seem to be coming out too well. I know I have seen people on here say they do this. Do you have to mix the butter with water or something? I had it coming out but only in a stream. I couldn't get the bottle to spray...
  15. doug123

    Blackened salmon.....Delicious!!!

    Tried this after reading cajunsmokers blackened catfish post. I picked up a cast iron griddle and used it on my Weber. I used plenty of charcoal and I kind of mounded it up so all the heat was in the center under the griddle and a little higher than usual. I found a recipe that was basically...
  16. doug123

    Round roast, so so

    I rubbed with chipotle mustard and Cavender's seasoning. Sprayed with apple juice. Used cherry wood to smoke. Cooked to 160, foiled it with apple juice to 180. Took about 6.5 hours. Then I let it sit for about a half hour before slicing. It was good, but not as good as the last roast I made. I...
  17. doug123

    How about a new category for grilling?

    I know this is a smoker site, but most people here seem to be avid grillers as well. How about a separate category or something for grilling? Seems like a lot of good grilling tips get mixed in with other threads. Just an idea
  18. doug123

    Smoked zucchini and banana peppers

    Made some fatties today. We have zucchini coming in like crazy in our garden so my wife took a nice one, cut it in half and scooped it out. Then she mixed it with bread crumbs, cheese, onion and sage fattie. I cut the tops off some banana peppers, stuffed with the fattie and the colby jack...
  19. doug123

    Should you soak your wood before smoking???

    Seems like I have heard to both soak and not soak your wood before smoking. I have 2 or 3 bags of both chunks and chips and they each say something different. I haven't soaked my chips the last couple smokes and they seemed to work well. Just wondered what most of you do and basically if I...
  20. doug123

    Sirloin Tip roast

    Took CajunSmokers advice and smoked this to 160 (156) then foiled it with apple juice until it hit 175-180. I sprayed with apple juice every hour. Used a spicy mustard to rub with plenty of Cavender's Greek seasoning. Turned out great! This was my wife's favorite meal yet. The bark was...
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