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  1. smokin relaxin steve

    1st Time Crab Boil ~ 7/2/11

    Hey all! I have been MIA for a while so i have a few Q-Views i need to post from the past several months... i will try to get them up over the next few days.... This is from 4th of July weekend... My bro and I did our fist ever crab boil at his place on the 2nd.... Crabs, Claims, Potatoes, and...
  2. smokin relaxin steve

    3/12/11~1st Smoke on my WSM 22.5 (Baby Backs, Short Ribs, SPAM, Turkey, & Sausage)

    Hey all, I threw this in Pork, cause i guess a majority of what i smoke was pork products (Baby Backs, Sausage, & the Spam)... I got the Smoker delivered on 3/1 (was so busy had to wait till 3/12 to do my 1st smoke on it): I started work on redoing my basement (nothing fancy... when all is...
  3. smokin relaxin steve


    I dont know if it is just me, but since the end of the day yesterday and all day today i have been running into issues on the site... When i enter into a thread its almost as if it is constantly reloading itself... takes me minutes to just scroll down... When I post i type faster than the Forum...
  4. smokin relaxin steve

    I did it! Bought a WSM 22.5!!!!!

    So as many of you know i have been contemplating the purchase of WSM 22.5 for about 8 months now... well i took the plunge this morning and purchased one from AimToFind.com... I searched for months for good pricing and the deal just seemed like it was now or never... Thanks to those of you who...
  5. smokin relaxin steve

    WSM 22.5 ~Question~

    Hey All, I have been looking to purchase a WSM 22.5 for some time now... I have searched the Forum & Online and seems that AimToFind.com is the best option price wise... Please let me know if anyone knows of anywhere cheaper... As of Right now my total on Aim To Find would be about $364 if i...
  6. smokin relaxin steve

    2/20/11~Pulled Pork Bread (2 ways)

    Hey All, I didn't get to smoke this weekend but i had some Pulled Pork saved from a few weeks ago (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/102957/2-pork-butts-1-sweet-1-savory-w-qview)... Some on the sweeter side and some on the Savory Side... I decided to get some use out of them so i...
  7. smokin relaxin steve

    2/12/11~Pizza Fatty, Turkey, ABTs, Jerky, & Deep Dish Pizza

    Hey All, I had a pretty good day this past Saturday Smoking, Drinking, & Relaxin w/ my Bro & my buddy... I had a pretty big menu planned since the weather was nice... My main goal was to make a Pizza Fatty wrapped in dough rather than bacon (idea i originally had from making pepperoni bread...
  8. smokin relaxin steve

    Ready for the Weekend! Anyone Smoking?

    Hey All, Well the weather here is looking up for this weekend which is good because I was planning on smoking either way LOL! Anyone else got anything going or planned to smoke this weekend??? My buddy is coming over tomorrow... i have an assortment of Micro Brew Beers and a 30pk of the cheap...
  9. smokin relaxin steve

    Sign Humor

    Sign over a Gynecologist's Office: "Dr. Jones, at your cervix." ************************** In a Podiatrist's office: "Time wounds all heels." ***************** ********* On a Septic Tank Truck: Yesterday's Meals on Wheels ************************** At a Proctologist's door: "To...
  10. smokin relaxin steve

    2 Pork Butts 1 sweet & 1 savory w/ QView

    Hey all, I have been smoking a lot of pork butts lately, but I have always done them with my homemade Brown Sugar based Rub... I got 2 on sale and decided i would do one more savory, sort of along the lines of an Italian style pork... Here are the 2 butts... got a pretty nice sale on them...
  11. smokin relaxin steve

    Eagles Game 12/12/10 Pulled Pork, Pepperoni Bread, & Cheese Steak Bread

    Sorry had a glich posting my pics LOL Hey All, I have been sitting on these pics for some time... just been a little busy to upload them... Nothing to amazing i had to take them with my Cell Phone... but 1st things 1st... my new addition 36" Gas Range: Our Gas Range broke the day after...
  12. smokin relaxin steve

    Avatar Issue

    Hey,         I have never changed my Avatar since i first started here... I decided today i was due for a change, but i am having an issue... I tried from my work and home and i keep getting the following message "Unknown object to create image association with."  The picture than appears in my...
  13. smokin relaxin steve

    HAPPY NEW YEAR from me to all of SMF (and families)

    Everyone please be safe this New Year, I probably wont be on till after so… God Bless & HAPPY NEW YEAR! “New Year's Eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot.  Unless, of course, those tests come back positive.” ~Jay Leno “New Year's Day:  Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual...
  14. smokin relaxin steve

    QUESTION: Smoker & Dehydrator Jerky

    Hey all,          My bro got me a Dehydrator for X-Mas... I want to break it in with Jerky... I just have some questions... I see a lot of recipes call for liquid smoke and boiling it in marinade type mixtures before putting it in the dehydrator... my question is this (and what i was hopping i...
  15. smokin relaxin steve

    Christmas Breakfast Fatty Ideas???

    Christmas Breakfast is huge with my family... many years most of us eat so much during the breakfast we don't have room for dinner LOL!!! This year i was thinking about adding a Fatty to the Breakfast Menu... I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas to make it more Christmas like??? I am at...
  16. smokin relaxin steve

    Brine Question

    Hey Everyone... I am brining my first Turkey this year... its a big boy 22 pounder... I am cooking in the oven (i know i know shame on me)... but here is my question... How long should I brine the bird for... i have searched the Internet and have seen sooooo many different times... I figured i...
  17. smokin relaxin steve

    Stuffed Burgers, Chicken, & a Victory for the Birds!

    I had a buddy over Sunday to watch the Eagles & Colts game... I am an Eagles fan (but Payton is probably my favorite QB in the NFL so this was just an all around exciting game for me)... Needless to say the Birds were victorious!!!!!! and the food was great! so this is what we did... While my...
  18. smokin relaxin steve

    Smoke @ Bro's w/ Q-View: Rack of Baby Backs, Beer Can Chicken, & MORE

    Hung out out at my Brother's house on Sat 10/30... We went to the Amish Mart and picked up a rack of BBs, 3 Pizza Sausages, 3 Zesty Garlic Sausages, and a jar of there Sweet Garlic BBQ Sauce... Than we made the all important stop at the liquor store... He also had a chicken at home for a beer...
  19. smokin relaxin steve

    Cocoa Rib Rub Recipe

    So i was going to check my email this morning and came across this Rub on AOL.... Well it was a rib recipe, but for the oven ... I find it amusing when people label Recipe's for Ribs w/ "Smoky," but they prepare it in an oven LOL.... the Rub did look interesting enough though... thought i would...
  20. smokin relaxin steve

    PHILLY AREA COMPETITION: A Full Plate Rib Cook-Off 2010

    Just seeing if anyone from SMF will be entering this contest... Me and a few of my buddies signed up for the amateur division... It will be my first competition & i am really looking forward to it... http://www.afullplateannualribcookoff.com/
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