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  1. smokeysooner

    Alternatives for pork belly

    Thanks guys!
  2. smokeysooner

    UMAi pepperoni 2.0

    Hope they work out for you.
  3. smokeysooner

    Alternatives for pork belly

    I'm not able to get any sizable pieces of pork belly where I live and have been looking for an alternative. While cutting the back fat off of the top of a boston butt today, I came away feeling like that might be a suitable substitute for pork belly.  Does anyone know if the fatback/upper...
  4. smokeysooner

    Using UMAI Dry bags to make salumi

    Thanks for the tip!  I was also thinking about shaping the sausage meat and tossing it into the freezer for a little bit to harden up some so that it will be easy to put in the bag and finish.
  5. smokeysooner

    Using UMAI Dry bags to make salumi

    Anyone have any experience using the UMAI dry bags to make salumi rather than their sausage casings?  It seems like if I formed the salumi product thick enough, I could get a really good seal on an UMAI dry steak bag rather than using the sausage casings (I would use the proper cultures...
  6. smokeysooner

    Coppa (UMAI)

    Chiming in to follow the convo -- looking forward to seeing the results!
  7. smokeysooner

    What are you doing with your free tatonka dust?

    Hey, I just ordered a round for myself and for my big brother.  Looking forward to trying it!
  8. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    lot of flavor in this dish of bbq meatloaf, parmesean mashed potatoed and grilled asparagus/mushroom/onion medley.
  9. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    expand your husker horizons.
  10. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

     folks, the finished product. I dont' know how I could have made it any better. Bon appetit!
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  12. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    all done
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  14. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    Half way to heaven, folks... Just to clarify, I am cooking on a weber offset setup at around 375-400F..  350 is ok too, but keeping steady TBS via mesquite and cherry mixture.  I mis-typed hickory in the OP. To go with this meal is a mixed grilled vegetable medley (asparagus, onion...
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  16. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    Okay folks, so here we are. I have just put my planked steakloaf on the grill. Here's what I did: Ingredients: Grounded 1.8 lbs chuck steak/eye of round steaks Grounded 1.5 lbs bone in shoulder pork steaks 1 jalapeno 1 whole finely chopped green pepper 1 half finely chopped onion 2...
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  19. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    Folks, I have become addicted to cedar planked meatloaf... so has my family.  So much so, that I have devised at least a dozen recipes.  I have tweaked it to perfection. But this time I am taking a different approach and instead of my usual hamburger meat/ground pork meat mixture, I'm grinding...
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