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  1. scott in kc

    Affordable Quality Cutlery

    I have some knives laying around the kitchen that have become favorites for Q (both prep and cutting finished stuff) just because they're better than the rest of my junk knives. My list of "go to" cutlery is short... 1 Pair of Cutco kitchen shears, chicken prep, St Louis trimming spares etc 2...
  2. scott in kc

    NY Style Pizza Crust

    I've made bad pizza crusts for years. Finally decided I was going to learn to make something better. There dozens of different types of pizza, I wanted to make something like I got at a place in NoCal back in the 80's called Flatt's Pizza Factory. Some research showed that I was after NY style...
  3. scott in kc

    Can't reply to private message

    When I hit "submit" on my reply, I get an "invalid session" error. I've logged out, cleared my cache and cookies, logged back in (three times now) and still get the same thing. :x Note to Dutch, your pizza recipe is on the way if I can get past this bug!!
  4. scott in kc

    Leftover Brisket (beef) Recipes

    Thawed out the leftovers from my recent batch of burnt ends Saturday and used them to make one of the best batches of beef stew I've ever made. The rub and smoke added a little something extra to the mix and must have been a hit, it was all gone after lunch yesterday (having a 13 yr old boy...
  5. scott in kc

    Burnt Ends

    Growing up here in the KC area, going out to eat Q meant Burnt Ends. To a non cook, these are succulent smoky cubes of beef, ham or pork and are called burnt ends, tips or brownies on most menus. When Dad took us out for Q, this is what we got, it will alway be to me what Q is all about. Being...
  6. scott in kc

    Question about propane smokers

    I have eaten a lot of Q cooked in propane cookers, both home and commercial rigs. Most of it is no different than all wood Q. Some of it however tastes just like raw LP gas smells. My question about this is, do the burners "wear out" like gas grill burners do, or is there a gas air mixture...
  7. scott in kc

    Cimarron FB Door Flange Mod

    I noted in some pix in a recent thread that Ranger72 also has a Cimarron Deluxe. We've exchanged pm's RE our common cooker. He thought my firebox door mod might be interesting to the group, and suggested I put pix in a thread. Normally I would consider the Cimarron to be a wood smoker, but did...
  8. scott in kc

    New to site

    My name is scott I live in the KC area I've been smoking for about 3 years, the first year I fumbled around with packets of chips indirect style on the gas grill. I occasionally got something that was edible. 2 years ago I bought my first offset, a Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe, followed shortly...
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