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  1. redneck69

    Jeffs rub

    i purchase this recipe about 8 years ago and some how within the last 6 months my copy has disappeared. How do I go about getting another one emailed to me?
  2. redneck69

    Sweet and Spicy Glaze

    sorry for the coloring difference on the pics..tried with and with out flash on my phone it's been a while since i've posted anything...life has been very  every morning i grill something to take in for lunch for the wifey and myself..been playing around with a glaze i came up with and wanted...
  3. redneck69

    self marinating LOL

  4. redneck69

    Pulled chicken for lunch

    My wifey has been wanting some pulled chicken for a while, so i found an older email from Jeff about using thigh meat.  http://www.smoking-meat.com/may-9-2013-smoked-pulled-chicken i didn't have time to brine, like Jeff did in his article.  We did a light coating of a batch of mixed dry rub...
  5. redneck69

    had to post this

  6. redneck69

    July Throw Down Entry---Sweet and sour chicken with stir fried veggies, shrimp and kelp noodles

      Sweet and sour chicken with stir fried veggies, shrimp and kelp noodles Redneck69 with help of my beautiful girl friend (aka wifey) Brine mix for 2 whole chickens 2 bay leaves 1 TBL ginger root powder 2 TBL Chinese five spice 4 TBL sea salt 2 TBL black pepper 2 TBL Jamaican jerk...
  7. redneck69

    Brisket, pulled pork and tenderloins for the 4th

    1st off, i hope everybody had an Awesome 4th of July with family and friends....i know i sure did started off wednesday night, my girl friend helped out by getting a couple pork shoulders and a brisket ready...the pork shoulders were for my mom and i was being selfish with the brisket and kept...
  8. redneck69

    Brisket for Fathers Day

    Haven't had a good brisket for awhile so i picked up a 8 lber from the store and trimmed off the fat cap, light coat of EVOO and a simple mix of 1 TBS sea salt 1 TBS pepper 1 TBS onion powder 1 TBS garlic powder 1 TBS cayenne pepper 1 TBS hungarian paprika 1 TBS steak seasoning 1 cup...
  9. redneck69

    wild boar back straps, shoulders and a roast

    a buddy went to Texas over Christmas and finally got him self a 180 lb boar...gave some to his inlaws and had me smoke the rest for him he soaked the meat in ice water for 2 1/2 weeks changing water every two days to help mellow out the gamey flavor. the back straps i washed and dried, put a...
  10. redneck69

    some duck for a buddy

    got 6 frozen ducks from a buddy who wanted them smoked...so i thawed them out, once thawed, soaked in ice water for a day to help pull the blood out. got the off set smoker fired up at 185 using cherry wood, took about 3 1/2 hours to get internal temp up to 150. pulled the birds and placed in...
  11. redneck69

    1st time trying beef ribs and they turned out awesome!!

    picked up a couple racks of beef ribs from Wally World..think they were about $8.00 per pack.. started off with a quick washing and pat dried, thin coating of EVOO and a even mixture of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and steak seasoning.  got the BGE up and going put the beef ribs in...
  12. redneck69

    brisket and prime rib for a friend

    EVOO and webber steak seasoning on the brisket EVOO and montreal steak seasoning on the prime rib brisket all seasoned  in the MES 40 temp running at 235 with a mixture of mesquite and cheery wood pulled at 195 internal temp, wrapped in foil and off to the cooler for an hour...i also...
  13. redneck69

    pork shoulder on the BGE

    1st pulled pork off the BGE, held temp like no other, steady at 240 for the whole smoke which took about 11 hours, i used a chipolte rub, mixed with Jeff's rub...2 thumbs up on the flavor combo used cheery wood for flavor
  14. redneck69

    early X-Mas gift...Big Green Egg..large size..sweet spiral ham for work

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/131134/sweet-spiral-ham#post_898844 did this ham the same way as the link above..but on the BGE..this thing is awesome!! got it for an early X-Mas gift from my mom and sister...THANK YOU!!! large size egg
  15. redneck69

    has anybody ever smoked 8 pork shoulders at once in a MES 40?

    getting ready to do some for work and whole accounts and was wondering if anybody has done this amount of shoulders in there MES 40? if so....at what temp and for approximately how long?  I've done 2 at one time with some other items in the smoker which took about 10 hours at 225 degrees...any...
  16. redneck69

    Sweet Spiral Ham

    I did a spiral ham for Turkey day...i've done plenty in the past, but i think this one turned out the best..in my opinion. for the glaze i used a stick and a half of butter 1 cup dark brown sugar 1/2 cup maple syrup 1/2 cup honey 2 table spoons cinnamon i melted the butter in a bowl and...
  17. redneck69


    had an all meat cook off over the weekend and did fairly descent.. sorry i did not get many photos but ill share what i have and explain what i did with each entry 1st entry...fresh Alaskan salmon... brine mix 1 gallon water 2 cups dark brown sugar 1/8 cup onion powder 1/8 cup garlic...
  18. redneck69

    Looking for a Temp chart for doneness on different types of meat

    at one point i had a chart that listed all the different types of meat and what doneness they are at with different internal temps...for some reason i can not find it.. i have been searching the site for some time and have found a few but not as in depth as the one i used to have...if anybody...
  19. redneck69

    up coming rib cook off.. sponsored by George Dickel Tennessee Whisky

    The past few years a local bar has had a rib cook off for the Nebraska Cornhuskers opening game.  I have cooked in this contest for the past couple of years and got 6th place each year out of 30 entries.  This year there is a lil twist, since George Dickel whisky is the the sponsor, we have to...
  20. redneck69

    Pulled Pork and some Brisket

    found a 4 lb brisket at the local store for $13.00..a 8 lb pork shoulder for $14.00.. decided to fire up the side firebox smoker and make an awesome smoked dinner for my girlfriend, her kids and her parents coated the brisket with some worchestershire sauce and added a bit of Fat Boys general...
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