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  1. mrgrumpy

    Non sanctioned comp in NC

    I have been asked to organize a bbq at our church. We decided to have a non-sanctioned event March 29th-30th. Set up will be after noon on Saturday the 29th with turn in on Sunday around noon. We will incorporate this event with our 20th anniversary in the area. We would like to have 6 to 8...
  2. mrgrumpy

    Do NOT open until December 25

    I told you not to open until December 25th (Christmas Day on my calendar) Why are you looking early??? Gotcha. So while you are here:
  3. mrgrumpy

    First attempt at Venison

    I acquired a couple pieces of venison, and have them on now. What an experiment...... The piece on the left is a shoulder, the one on the right is a ham. At least that is how they were labeled. I had just put them on: More pics to come. Bill
  4. mrgrumpy

    Carolina Smokin' Fall Fling & BBQ Festival

    http://www.ncagr.com/markets/facilit...okin/index.htm Anybody planning on coming? I am contemplating it if I can get someone to work my weekend. I had my application all filled out and sitting on my desk at home waiting on the schedule to be posted at work, and it is my weekend.... my first...
  5. mrgrumpy

    Lang 60 in Raleigh, NC area

    I just ran across this if anyone is interested. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/for/395407788.html Bill
  6. mrgrumpy

    EZ-Style pop up tent

    I was at Wal-Mart earlier. They had some 10x10 ez-up style pop-up tents on clearance. I picked up 4 of them at $58.09 each. Bill
  7. mrgrumpy

    I need to apolagize

    I am sorry that I have not been very active lately. As most of you know, my work schedule changed about 6 months or so ago. That meant working more weekends both days and midnights. Well, another one turned in his notice yesterday, so that means the weekends will be coming a little sooner. My...
  8. mrgrumpy


    I was just reading the instructions for a competition. I got to the end, and had a good laugh. Here it is, see if you can find it: 12. The following miscellaneous cleanliness and safety rules will apply: A. No use of any tobacco products while handling meat. B. Cleanliness of the cook...
  9. mrgrumpy

    Pigs in the Park

    Anybody going to Danville, Va to Pigs in the Park May 18th-19th. They are looking for one more team, to make it 50, which is there limit which will be able to give them triple points. I am planning on going up on Saturday to aggrevate some of the teams, so if you are going to be there, let...
  10. mrgrumpy

    I need to apologize

    I tend to log in, look over all the new topics, replies, etc., and hardly ever stop by here to say howdy to all the newcomers. So, I apologize for being so rude and not saying howdy to each and every one of you. Welcome aboard. Bill
  11. mrgrumpy

    Royal Oak Lump

    I stopped at my Home Depot to purchase a few things..... I am a little crazy, and carry the upc label from a 10lb bag in my wallet at all times. My local store only carries Kingsford.... I went to the service desk and showed them the upc, and wanted to know if they could order it and stock...
  12. mrgrumpy

    my banner story

    I had been contemplating getting a banner for about a year now. I had priced a couple and guess I saw my money in a vinyl roll collecting dust most of the time and couldn't really get off the hip.... I finally made up my mind to get one. I called and priced one locally, and I could get a...
  13. mrgrumpy

    Just more chicken

    Here are a few pics of the chicken I done while the pork butts were cooking. These were in the new CG, so it was getting a little break in time. I didn't brush the sauce on like I normally would have, I just dumped some on and rubbed it around with my fingers..... Bill
  14. mrgrumpy

    Pork butts from 3-19-2007

    Here are a few pics of some pork butts I did on Monday March 19th while I was off work. I didn't get any pics after I pulled it, so will the next time out... sorry. Bill
  15. mrgrumpy

    TAM Jalepenos

    Has anyone tried these? I have been doing some reading up on them, and they are like 1/3rd the heat of a regular jalepeno. The misses doesn't like much for heat, and I am thinking of maybe trying to plant a couple of them if I can find some already started. If not, maybe just order a pack of...
  16. mrgrumpy

    My chicken secret

    Just to let you have a little of my secret, but not too much, here is how I have been doing my chicken. Marinate the chicken overnight in Italian dressing. I use a sealable plastic bag. I usually do thighs, but have done drum sticks, and cut up chicken as well. They all do well. If you watch...
  17. mrgrumpy


    Do you know why strawberry farmers grow onions in rows by the berries??? To keep rabbits and other rodents out. And, they are good too. So just buy a small bundle of the onion sets the next time you are at your seed supplier and plant them. And if you don't like them, send them my way..... Bill
  18. mrgrumpy

    basic composting

    Where we used to live before we moved here, we had a sizable garden, 80x80. We grew just about everything. When we prepped any veggies for cooking, we had a gallon ice cream bucket on the counter and would toss all of the "scraps" from the veggies in there. Then when done, I would carry them...
  19. mrgrumpy


    Do you really check to see if you have a pm while logged in? I don't seem to be getting email confirmations abt pm's, or replies to threads, so I am curious as to how often you check your pm's. Bill
  20. mrgrumpy

    Weber chimney

    While I was at my local Home Depot, I found a Weber chimney for $12.99..... of course I had to get it. Bill
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