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  1. tsulcoski

    It's Time For Bacon - The Buckboard Express

    Are the prok butts your using enhanced with a solution or are they natural?
  2. tsulcoski

    Comment by 'tsulcoski' in article 'Making Bacon'

    Has anybody used injected pork to make buckboard bacon? I was considering using some pork eye fillets that are injected       ( enhanced) up to 16 % solution.
  3. tsulcoski

    Sweet Lebanon Bologna

    Nepas Can you get Lebanon bologna in Savannah? It was one of my Favorites as a kid.
  4. tsulcoski

    Comment by 'tsulcoski' in media 'DSCN0460.JPG'

    Thats some good Looking meat
  5. tsulcoski

    Question about Summer Sausage..

    Sam I use beef and pork, but that's just my preference. I usually use chuck roasts to grind for my beef and pork butts for my pork. the combination of the two gives me the fat content I prefer for summer sausage. Like Dutch said, make sure you take time to get the silver skin and tendons out...
  6. tsulcoski

    making sausage

    Wow Chef Jimmy hit that right on the head!!!
  7. tsulcoski

    Pork Shoulder for making sausage??? Decided on Butts help needed?

    Pork Butts and shoulder are part of the whole Pork Shoulder. The Pork Butt will contain more fat and less veins and cartilage. The Pork butt moves less when the animal is alive, the less movement the more tender it will be.I prefer the pork butts because it is less work to clean them up. I also...
  8. tsulcoski

    what am i doing wrong, issues with texture

    I have never been a fan of adding dry milk. I didn't see anything about how long you mixed and what lean content the beef was. Just a few thoughts.....When you have every thing ground, add seasonings and water ( you may need a little extra water with the bread crumbs) Mix thoroughly. When i say...
  9. tsulcoski

    Why is Winter Time preferred for smoking sausage?

    kielbasa kid.......... Just because you have been doing it that way for 50 years, doesnt make it right!!!! Even bridges that were built 50 years ago are being built differently today, they were good for 50 years but not anymore. Sodium nitrite and nitrate can be poisonous if you use too much...
  10. tsulcoski

    How much would you charge for jerky?

    dougmays........ I thought about this a few years ago also............. Do you own a house? Keep in mind, the liability piece!  If somebody even thinks they got sick from product you made and sold to them............it can be costly!!
  11. tsulcoski

    Question regarding Making Jerky

    Been making my jerky in a smoke house for years!!!  No cure, no sodium nitrite, just marinate for 48 hours. set the temp in the smoke house to 175 degrees, which gets the jerky to 150, add smoke all day until it is dry but not brittle. It give it a nice natural wood flavor and it dries under heat.
  12. tsulcoski

    Can you calibrate a digital thermometer?

    As far as I know you can not calibrate a digital thermometer. We only use digitals wreer I work and they get tested daily in a cup of ice water, it should read 32 degrees. If they dont test to 32 we toss them.
  13. tsulcoski

    Kosher Breakfast Links...any ideas?

    One thing to keep in mind when it is Kosher: You should only use beef from the rib, or chuck of the cattle. Kosher meat is never from the hind of the cattle. Most kosher beef will have been drained of the blood and salted. I would suggest getting the beef from a kosher retailer or butcher and...
  14. tsulcoski

    ribs....What method

    What method is the best? I ve seen 3-2-1, 3hr smoke then 3 hr oven. Just picked up 40 lb babybacks for 2.99 lb.
  15. tsulcoski

    What actually is an "enhanced" product as in BBs?

    Generally "enhanced" pork is enhanced with a salt water solution and lemon juice keep in mind this will ultimately change the flavor of you favorite recipe. Usually any enhanced product, beef pork, or chicken will not be injected with more than a 15% solution. It must be labeld on the package...
  16. tsulcoski

    Hey....my butt's wet?

    Enhaced pork or moist and tender pork is enhanced with a salt water solution and usually some type of citrus juice ( lemon Juice). The lemon juice keeps the bones from turning black.the salt water solution is a type of brine, not to be mistaken for a curing agent. The solution will indeed keep...
  17. tsulcoski

    Plate size question, newbe

    Just some thoughts on the subject.......... When I make sausage or Kielbasa, I use 3 size plates. A coarse plate for really lean meat, a meduim plate for the meat that is a little fatty and a fine plate for the fat. I grind everything 1 time, mix it all together with my water and spices and...
  18. tsulcoski

    Smoked cheese color

    I've smoked 5 or six blocks of cheese on speerate occasions and the smoke flavor is good, but I can't seem to get the deep smoke color. Any ideas out there?
  19. tsulcoski

    rerun on Jerky Meats

    This is a rerun of a post I made a while back.....hope it will help some I have been viewing the threads about making jerky and what " meat " to use, listed below arethe particular cuts referred to in the threads and there tenderness. Shoulder..........This piece of meat is going to be the...
  20. tsulcoski

    newbie question

    Downunderdags, The cotton fiber you are refering to is from cutting the meat across the grain, if you cut it with the grain it will not be as chewy and will not show the " cotton fiber "
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