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  1. drdon

    Lots of questions

    I just put mine through a chunk of wood so I can lay it of any grate in various areas thru out the smoke to monitor different areas. Don
  2. drdon

    Cheap container

    I got this cooler at the local W-Mart store in the fishing section for less than $20 dollars. I didn't want to remove the Sous Vide machine whenever I checked the water level. I just cut the top from the hinge forward, but I wanted enough plastic top to hold the machine. I made sure there was...
  3. drdon

    Sticks & Summer Sausage

    Absolutley perfect Rick. Did you use your paper bag in the fridge first? Or have you changed that too? Don
  4. drdon

    Ref; Gyro Hash

    Coming from Chicago and now living 45 minutes from Tarpon Springs, I can say I've had some of the best gyro meat in the states. When I was in Greece and Turkey they were incredibly similar to what I've had here. I love to put it on an everything bagel and top it with a sunny side up egg! Argh...
  5. drdon

    Smoked delicacies...

    Scottish eggs. Spiced almonds. Bison. Alligator. Squirrel. Hmmmm getting ideas myself. Don
  6. drdon

    Venison green onion brats & summer sausage project.

    Great job! Makes it well worth all the hunting efforts! DOn
  7. drdon

    Sticks & Summer Sausage

    Looks great! You're always cooking something up. Don
  8. drdon

    Elephant bombs

    Yummy! Don't care what you call them....I'd FIGHT an elephant for one! Nicely done. Don
  9. drdon


    WOW---just looking at it you can tell how good that was. Nice job. Now THERE is some will power! Don
  10. drdon

    Menu help

    Try Dutch's wicked baked beans! https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/dutchs-wicked-baked-beans.50945/ Don
  11. drdon

    My burger...didn’t suck! Finally!

    Looks fantastic. I love onions and mushrooms on a burger. The Swiss cheese just sends it over the top. Good find on the burger....GREAT job on the cooking. Don
  12. drdon

    Hush puppies, gizzards, livers, hearts and beer oh my!

    Scrumptious looking meal. I can never get enough liver OR gizzards. My wife doesn't like either of them but she likes hush puppies so I think you just pointed out a way we can both be happy with one meal. Good job. Don
  13. drdon

    Sadly Stick Burner has to go

    Sorry to hear about your breathing problems. That is a problem that never seems to let up. Not that it has anything to do with the O2 concern but I frequently use a portable stand up fan on our covered deck due to the smoke collecting under the ceiling. It also provides a good draft OUT of...
  14. drdon

    Pellet Smoker or Elecric Smoker

    I can't help you there, I have 2 MES40 1st generation units and both work very well. Obviously the largest one will eventually not be big enough. I WOULD highly recommend getting an A-Maze-N tray or tube to help augment which ever one you choose. They are certainly game changers and I don't...
  15. drdon

    Pork Shots

    Those look GREAT! Even though I know they are a lot of work, I also know you can never make enough of them. Good job. Don
  16. drdon

    A Few Racks Between Friends

    Man, you are big distraction during the football games! Hard to yell at my team when you keep making me hungry. It looks soooooo good. Don
  17. drdon

    A Few Racks Between Friends

    Careful what you ask for buddy! :emoji_laughing:
  18. drdon

    Sticks & Summer Sausage

    Happy to see you're back (to work sort of). I'm always excited to see what you're up to in the sausage world. I'll be watching...on the sunny side of the bleachers. Gotta LOVE Florida!
  19. drdon

    Beef ribs, and chuckie burnt ends.

    Ribs and Cab...Does it get any better? That looks excellent. Love some burnt ends. Don
  20. drdon

    A Few Racks Between Friends

    Great smoke Chile! Where do we sign up for classes? Don
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