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  1. gatorfan316

    Second attempt at smoked turkey w/ Q-view - VERY disappointed...

    @Flash- NO WAY can you chuck the skin. That is like sacrilegious or something.
  2. gatorfan316


    The brown sugar makes it hard. Just put your rub in a jar or canister that seals tight.
  3. gatorfan316

    Looking for a good rib glaze

    Cider vinegar or apple cider?
  4. gatorfan316

    Smoked Alligator

    Either the meat was bad, the person didn't know how to cook it or it wasn't bled properly when it was killed. It does NOT taste like chicken no matter what people say but it is a good tasting meat that can be great if cooked right.
  5. gatorfan316

    WSM questions

    Thanks for the advice guys. I will have to order that new door Herky. I did notice that it doesn't fit well even after I tried to bend it some.
  6. gatorfan316

    WSM questions

    HMMMMMM, everything I have read including the instructions that came with the smoker said cook at 250 until the internal temp reaches 167. I will try to cook at a higher temp next time. I just have to figure out how to get the skin to not be as tough as a paper bag.
  7. gatorfan316

    WSM questions

    1- The skin was very tough. Like eating a brown paper bag. 2- The temp shot up to 280-300 and I could not get it back down even by closing the vents on the bottom. To start it I placed about a half bag of unlit coal in the bottom, started coal in the chimney and placed that on top of the unlit...
  8. gatorfan316

    No boil Macaroni Mac & cheese

    WOW great pics Josh. Looks like you rocked that mac & cheese with your veggie additions. I will have to give that a shot next time.
  9. gatorfan316

    WSM questions

    I have a WSM 22.5" smoker and am new at smoking so I have some questions. I have seasoned my smoker and tried to smoke some chicken (although it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked) but I have some questions for anyone who has a WSM smoker. #1- Does briquetts or lump coal work best...
  10. gatorfan316

    yard bird with Q-view

    What was the time and temp that you cooked them? Also, how did the skin turn out?
  11. gatorfan316

    Chicken issues

    I personally like the soft moist skin. As for the temp rising on the smoker, it was 88 degrees out and the wind was blowing on and off. I closed all 3 bottom vents and the temp still continued to stay high. I even pulled the lid off for about 10 minutes and as soon as I put it back on the temp...
  12. gatorfan316

    Chicken issues

    Ok so I need some help. I got my new WSM 22.5 in, seasoned it and smoked some chickens. I sat them up on my whole chicken holder, seasoned it with some Caribbean Jerk season and set them in the smoker. I had an issue with temp probe placement and couldn't get accurate readings on internal temps...
  13. gatorfan316

    Hello everyone

    Well I have been reading some of the older threads to learn as much as possible and then I took the 5 day e-course, purchased Jeff's  rub and Q recipes, bought a 22.5 WSM to go with my 22.5 Webber grill, got some pecan wood, cherry wood, apple wood and wine barrel staves. My smoker should come...
  14. gatorfan316

    Beer can chicken

    I never thought about that. I guess I can just experiment and see what works. All it really costs is less than $10 for everything so it isn't like I am out a ton of money.
  15. gatorfan316

    Sunday chicken leg quarters Qview

    OH WOW!!!!! Those look outstanding. If that yard bird tastes like it looks, you had a fine meal.
  16. gatorfan316

    Smoked Drum Sticks

    WOW those look great!!!!!!  Good job JoshS. I will have to try that with leg quarters.
  17. gatorfan316

    Beer can chicken

    As a christian I do not drink nor do I buy adult beverages so my question is......... What other beverage or canned liquid can I use to make this type of chicken and get great results?
  18. gatorfan316

    No boil Macaroni Mac & cheese

    I made mine and added bacon bits (the real kind) to it and it was good. I had left overs the next day and it was GREAT. I guess that the sitting and melding together makes it just phenomenal.
  19. gatorfan316

    marinade with beer, lime juice, garlic?

    Richoso1, please post any lime recipe you have. I love using lime because of that special taste that it gives.
  20. gatorfan316

    Jerk Rub Recipe

    Has anyone tried using this on a turkey and then smoking it? It sounds great but I would hate to smoke a turkey for the holidays and it not turn out so great.
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