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  1. ikinya6

    Turkey recommendations

    What is spatchcock?
  2. ikinya6

    TOTALLY Smoke-challenged

    I've never had a Brinkman, but this looks more like a grill that needs a firebox.  If you look on the sides, are there perforated areas that look like something could attach to it?  You might look around the site here to see whether anyone else has the same style, and see what they have to say...
  3. ikinya6

    Just finished my best pork butt ever!

    I didn't think to take pics, sorry. Just was so proud of the meat I had to do little boasting. Got a fresh cut 10 pound shoulder, rubbed it in mustard and my homemade sweet and spicy rub. Set it in the hickory smoke at 195-220 for about 10 hours, then in a foil pan with apple juice, apple...
  4. ikinya6

    farmington arkansas

    Is this still available?
  5. ikinya6

    Finished too soon

    Last week, my ribs finished cooking about 2 hours before guests were supposed to arrive.  I left them in the smoker at just under 200, and they got a little dry.  They set up ok, and I could cut them pretty well, and the meat came off the bone very nicely.  Everyone loved them, of course, but...
  6. ikinya6

    A few smoke reports

    Wish I had the room on my smoker to do that much... I think it's time...
  7. ikinya6

    1st Fattie

    Looks really good.  Might try throwing some green or black olives in there.
  8. ikinya6

    Fatty Rolling Tutorial w/ Pics

    Thanks for the pics.  I was using wax paper, but it can sometime dampen and stick to the paper.  I like the idea of plastic wrap.
  9. ikinya6

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro with firebox- Mods

    I'm not a craftsman and I wanted to use mine for grilling on occasion, as well.  My solution was simply to turn the charcoal pan upside down, drill a bunch of holes in it, and push it up against the SFB.  For the most part, it has served me well for that past 8+ years.
  10. ikinya6

    Help w/ mods on char griller pro

    I've had this smoker for 9 years now.  I found that there is a lot of heat that escapes around the lip, because the whole top half opens up.  I went to the hardware store and found some heat resistant rope (used for furnace doors) and attached it around the lip.  It seemed to help.  I also...
  11. ikinya6

    Aw boy...here we go now!

    Looks beautiful! Any updates?
  12. ikinya6

    Big Changes

    Good luck to you in your new venture.  I have dreams of starting a catering or concession business... or maybe even a BBQ restaurant (got the site already picked out... in my dreams).  I got my first taste of it when I fixed up 100 lbs of pork butts and 80 lbs of chicken for a church social. ...
  13. ikinya6

    shout out from ky

    Stick with this site and you'll feel like an expert in no time.  My first attempts at smoking ribs produced jerky on a stick.  After finding this site, I can't keep the friends away.  I can't go to church without being bombarded with demands for another cookout.  I've got a friend that keeps...
  14. ikinya6

    Springtime Fattie Throwdown

    I'm always late to the party... My boss gave me some peppers he had pickled, so I thought I'd try em. Flatten out the sausage, spread a bead of cream cheese, lightly sprinkle mozzerella (or cheddar), and then line with pickled red bell peppers, banana peppers, and some pickled jalepenos. Roll...
  15. ikinya6


    I found an idea from Good Eats w/ Alton Brown. Although he did the entire cooking process in the oven, his braising liquid made some sense. I start w/ about a cup or so of brown sugar (depending on how much meat I'm cooking), throw in some garlic and a few pinches of salt, spill in some chili...
  16. ikinya6


    I am glad there are so many of you here. Quick question... I smoked some ribs and tenderloin and stuffed/wrapped peppers yesterday for a party today. (They turned out AWESOME, too, btw... best ribs so far, and wife swears the pulled pork is the best she's tasted anywhere, hands down... and...
  17. ikinya6

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    Sounds easy enough. I have been putting off going for the brisket (afraid to ruin an expensive piece of meat). I found a small cut (5 lb.) today, so I figured I'd see if I can get this one tender. I've tried chuck roast, and just keep getting tough chews. Let's hope this one turns out alright.
  18. ikinya6

    Dolphin and Wahoo?

    As I said, I'm not a fish eater. But after reading some of these comments, I'm kinda gettin' a hankerin' fer some grilled dolphin. I was afraid to get it out of the freezer for this smoke, so it'll have to wait a couple of weeks, but I'll fer sure let y'all know how it turns out. One other...
  19. ikinya6

    Dolphin and Wahoo?

    My friend just came back from So.Car. with some "dolphin" (mahimahi) and wahoo. I'm not a big fish eater (but I wanna be). I've learned to eat fish (when I have to) but never to really enjoy it. I want to enjoy this stuff, but haven't found any good smoking or grilling tips. Would these be...
  20. ikinya6

    Honor...Simply put...

    Thank you for those stirring reminders of how fortunate we are, and what it takes to remain so.
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