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  1. bud's bbq

    New Mascot ?

    As some of you know, Wylie Q was an erstwhile and honorable BBQ mascot who helped us kick off the first Gathering. Sadly, we lost Wylie in August. Wylie, as every one knows, also caused the infamous grassy ribs (sic, grassy knoll) fiasco at said gathering. We just returned from our last comp...
  2. bud's bbq

    Wish Tonto well

    Sad to report that we had to put Tonto in the hospital last night. She's got a massive cyst and attendant infection. She's being well attended. As sick as she is, she insisted that I provide her lap top so that she can stay 'connected' to the SMF. I'm sure she would be cheered mightily if...
  3. bud's bbq

    Smokin' Scotsmen BBQ team Annoucement

    Smokin' Scotsmen are very happy and pleased to announce that Geoff (Crewedog 52) is the newest member of the team! Geoff cheered us on at the Taste of Grand Rapids and helped a bunch at Silver Lake. We are looking forward to Libertyville Illinois in October. Hope any SMF members that can will...
  4. bud's bbq

    Amazon' Blazin' Lebbanon Tenn

    We are heading out Wednesday morning for our 2nd comp located in middle Tennessee. This one is big time: Ray Lampe -"Dr. BBQ", Bill and the Dixie Chicks, Mike and Debbie Davis "Lotta Bull" are all top teams who will be there. ...among other big names. Supposed to be 104 in the shade! We just...
  5. bud's bbq

    Bud's BBQ Salad

    Cholestral. Obesity. Clean living. Improved life and health. All important issues of our times yet issues that we rarely see addressed on Smoking Meat Forums. We are all so focused on da meat that we ignore common healthy eating rules like fruits, veggies and ruffage.......yes, ruffage nee...
  6. bud's bbq

    GOSM burner units

    My GOSM is nearly two years old. Do ya'll have any problems with the burner unit.....more specifically, the propane control knob. Seems like sometimes the knob and the relative position to the "low medium high off" dial aren't always consitent. Said another way, you can here the 'rush' of...
  7. bud's bbq

    Baseball and BBQ

    Thanks to this great forum; a long performing weber and a GOSM for Q'ing, groceries are good. Looking forward to the 'gathering' in June. My other great love is Baseball. Soooo, we get into KC a day early and go to the Royals/Cardinals game. After a great weekend of qing, we head home via...
  8. bud's bbq

    Lessons we've learned quing in sub zero temps

    So, the super bowl bbq that started on Saturday night at 11:30 pm and ended about 4PM on Sunday transpired in -15 degree wind chill Michigan Winter weather. These are some of the lessons we learned ; 1) Always have an extra tank of propane 2) The apparent smoke plumes that seem to last for...
  9. bud's bbq

    Breaking Wind

    As a relatively new quer, the summer experience clearly differs from the challenges of a cold, snowy winter. I had built the open kiosk for the weber a few years ago. Just something to keep the rain and snow off as I grilled. As the Michigan winter sets in, and I saw the various methods...
  10. bud's bbq

    cast iron smoker box for GOSM

    Hi all, What a great site! Have been reading about the coffee can type mods for the fire box. Wondering if the original cast iron box that comes with the GOSM gives a longer burn than the can - thickness?.....weight? Guess I'm not understanding the motivation to fix something that doesn't...
  11. bud's bbq

    Timing Question

    Hi All, I'm planning on doing a big smoke for the superbowl and the menu is as follows: Sliced Brisket Pork Butt for pulled pork sammies 4 Racks of Baby Backs(loin backs) ABT'S Baked Beans Mac n Cheese Casserole Coldslaw Cornbread Bottle of Zantec :shock: My question is I have done a...
  12. bud's bbq

    Hi From Michigan

    Hi all, found this great forum thanks to a member that suggested I check it out (thanks cheech). Me and my wife got hooked on smoking and bbq about a year ago and have never looked back, we love it and so do our friends that get to benifit from some good groceries!! We both checked out the site...
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