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  1. smokeysooner

    Alternatives for pork belly

    I'm not able to get any sizable pieces of pork belly where I live and have been looking for an alternative. While cutting the back fat off of the top of a boston butt today, I came away feeling like that might be a suitable substitute for pork belly.  Does anyone know if the fatback/upper...
  2. smokeysooner

    Using UMAI Dry bags to make salumi

    Anyone have any experience using the UMAI dry bags to make salumi rather than their sausage casings?  It seems like if I formed the salumi product thick enough, I could get a really good seal on an UMAI dry steak bag rather than using the sausage casings (I would use the proper cultures...
  3. smokeysooner

    Epic cedar planked steakloaf

    Folks, I have become addicted to cedar planked meatloaf... so has my family.  So much so, that I have devised at least a dozen recipes.  I have tweaked it to perfection. But this time I am taking a different approach and instead of my usual hamburger meat/ground pork meat mixture, I'm grinding...
  4. smokeysooner

    First Spare Ribs with 3-2-1 method w/Qview

    Hey guys! I am a newb to this forum but have been smoking meats successfully for many moons.  I always thought I had the best way to smoke spare ribs but I'm never too foolish to think that a new method or technique can't help and the 3-2-1 method is just talked about too much to NOT try!  As...
  5. smokeysooner

    Championship rub comparison on pork loins w/Qview

    Hello folks! I, of course, make my own rubs to suit my tastes, but I also buy a lot of rubs.  Basically I look at the spice aisle at every grocery store that I enter.  I do this not only because I love to smoke my meat with new rubs but also because I eat a lot of international foods and like a...
  6. smokeysooner

    New to SMF, hello everyone!

    Greetings from Oklahoma!  Just moved back here from southern California and am enjoying cooking on my grill almost every night. I use a 22.5 Weber grill for all my grilling and smoking.  I am kind of a knucklehead because I've had various types of smokers through the years and I find that I...
  7. smokeysooner

    Drunk Chicken w/ Qview

    Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd show off the bird that I got for $4.04 and served to my beautiful family on the cheap. I just used an organic local bird from a farmer's market, coated the underskin with butter/rub mixture, coated outside with butter and rub and then lemon wedges and onion were...
  8. smokeysooner

    Smoked a couple of racks of spares this weekend w/Qview

    I cooked one rack with my normal recipe with a hickory and cherry smoke mix and another rack, I smoked with a new rub and used hickory 'pellets' to experiment.  Rack one, my 'usual': I trim the excess fat off a 5.5-6.5 lbs rack of spare ribs, score a diamond pattern slightly around the entire...
  9. smokeysooner

    Using Tamale Husks to make homemade sausages

    Guys, I just wanted to show off a technique that I picked up in New Mexico several years ago, which makes for some very tasty smoked sausage.  The beauty is that you can smoke any kind of sausages, from Italian to Western to Okie-Mex to anything... The first thing you do is get some tamale...
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