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  1. JJS

    Getting cold

    Does anyone else judge how how cold it is by how high the smoke rolls out of the grill or smoker?
  2. JJS

    SV chicken noodle soup

    Yesterday am the little lady informed me that she wanted chicken noodle soup this weekend, Being a good husband I said yes dear. I have been making chicken noodle soup soup for years and figured I would try something different this time. I started with a 5.5# whole chicken, added onion, celery...
  3. JJS

    BBQ chicken and potatoes

    So first I have a question... does anyone make a damn cup holder for a weber kettle? now to the real reason for the post, this was supposed to be yesterday’s dinner but it was still froze in the middle at 6pm so we ordered pizza. Nothing special just chicken thighs on the Webber with those...
  4. JJS

    New grill first cook

    So a few months ago I sent my propane/charcoal grill to the big scrap yard in the sky. I also donated my 2 weber kettles to new homes (one had a serious limp and the other got smoked by a tree and the lid only fit one way) I told the little lady I was getting a new Webber master touch kettle...
  5. JJS

    18 degrees and smokin

    When the little lady says she wants ribs I say yes ma’am! it was 18 degrees when I fired the smoker up this am, it took about 1.5 hrs to melt the ice of and get up to temp but now we are rollin smoke. I figured this would be a good opportunity to throw on some cheese and salt as well, hell if...
  6. JJS

    King Arthur maybe?

  7. JJS

    Maiden voyage with the CI pizza pan

    So after having 5-6 pizza stones break over the years I finally found a CI pan to do the trick. It’s a 17” camp fire griddle. Grill running at 650 pan at 450-475 Ingredients used Homemade pizza dough Bacon made here in house Back bacon made in house Sauce made in house Whole milk mozzarella...
  8. JJS

    If ya leave here hungry.....

    So my son (17) wanted to invite his grandparents and some of his family over for dinner (his moms family, she’s gonna be pissed) so we bought 4 racks of spare ribs and for the cook out and a rack of BBB for my dad that’s having surgery next week... can’t wait to piss off the ex and learn the boy...
  9. JJS

    Grilled corn on the cob

    so after a quick run to the grocery store we were standing in the checkout line and my son said I’ll be right back.... 5 min later he came back with 2 ears of corn, I said what the hell are you gonna do with two ears of corn Him: they are 2/$1 I’ll pay you back if you cook them for me.... (he...
  10. JJS

    Time for some pulled pork

    Well boys and girls it’s time for some pulled pork. One is 8.5# one is 9# Rubbed with CBP, kosher salt, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar in the raw, and Tony’s. Going on around 10pm to eat whenever the hell it gets done tomorrow (everyone always asks what time we are eating, whenever it’s...
  11. JJS

    Inkbird temp probe issues

    Anyone have any issues with the inkbird temp probes, I have all 4 in a cup of ice water and 2 of them are way the hell out of whack. They have only been used 2-3 times. My instaread and another cheap temp probe both read 45 just like 2 of these are
  12. JJS

    Triple smoked back bacon

    So I pulled some back bacon out of the freezer for a buddy of mine to try, he said that is awesome but can you put more smoke flavor in it???? Boy can I!! Started with a 6# loin, dry cured for 10 days. Friday night 6hrs cold smoke Sunday during snow storm 6hrs cold smoke Today 3.5 hrs at...
  13. JJS

    Smoked Cured tenderloin

    So I usually make Canadian bacon with whole loin, had these in the freezer and needed room, cured them for 9 days (wind issues) and cold smoked for 4 hrs until the damn wind kicked up again...... turned the burner on to 170 and finished it off with 4 more hrs of smoke to 150 IT. Due to weather...
  14. JJS

    What’s in your smoker & what’s in your glass today?

    Got an eye of round in the smoker, been fighting the wind and cold but it’s worth it, had to try out the smoker mod out with some food on it. A frosty mug of Bells Oberon to help pass the time
  15. JJS

    Turning offset into RF type smoker

    So I have had a chargriller offset for.... well idk how long but quite a while, having cooked on it countless times I am well aware of the the pros and cons in the factory configuration. My son has convinced me to bust it out and modify it so I have some ideas I wanted to throw out and get some...
  16. JJS

    I may need the smoker gods

    So my 17yr old son is on spring break this week, and apparently bored! I came home to my slicer on the counter in front of 5# of sliced beef on a tray, my natural reaction was “what the hell are you making and where did you get the beef?” JR- “ it was in the fridge and in making jerky” Me-...
  17. JJS

    First smoke of the year

    It’s Finally warm enough to fire up the smoker so I picked up a brisket last night, seasoned it up and threw her in the smoker at 5am. Kept it simple on the rub, kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Smoker is running 245-250 Smoked 5# of cheese last night, have 2 pork...
  18. JJS

    Hello all from northern lower MI

    Been poking around here for a few days and have found all kinds of great ideas already. Looking forward to interacting with everyone and working toward perfection in the smoker. Thanks in advance
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