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  1. seenred

    Product Review - Inkbird IBT-4XS Smart Bluetooth Thermometer

    Howdy Friends, A few weeks back, an Inkbird rep reached out and asked me to test and review their 4-probe wireless bluetooth BBQ thermometer - the IBT-4XS. I agreed to try the product out and post my thoughts. First, let me get a couple of disclosures out of the way: 1. They sent me this...
  2. seenred

    BEWARE!! Watch out for Spammers sending you PMs!

    Howdy SMF Friends! Just wanted to post this so y'all know. Some Troll spammer posing as a member just sent me a PM asking me to check out a link. The link jumped to a site you wouldn't want your kids to see! I've flagged this for the mods, but the so-called members username is...
  3. seenred

    Red's Sunday Brisket

    Howdy Friends! I hadn't cooked a brisket yet in my new Southern Q pit, and was hankering to do one for a while now...but we've been having a hard time of late finding any decent briskets locally that weren't priced ridiculous. Every time we've been in any meat deptartment for the last month...
  4. seenred

    Red's Spare Ribs - First Run in the New Pit w/ Plenty of Q-View

    Evening Friends! I've been biding my time waiting to get something cooking in my new Southern Q gravity feed smoker, which arrived last week. Well, between Mrs. Red catching the flu late last week, and the weather not cooperating for a few days, today was my first chance. Just a couple racks...
  5. seenred

    Red's New Southern Q Smoker!

    Good Saturday Afternoon, Smokin Brothers! Some may recall that I sold my old Southern Q gravity feed smoker last month, to make room for a new pit I had on order. Well it arrived a couple days ago. It's a shiny new Southern Q Limo Junior Gravity Feed Smoker - same as the old one, but bigger...
  6. seenred

    SOLD: Southern Q Gravity Fed Smoker w/ BBQ Guru

    I ordered a new smoker for Christmas...it'll be here in about a month, so my old faithful Southern Q needs to find a new home to make the room in my shop for the new rig. It's a Southern Q Limo Junior Insulated Gravity Fed Smoker. Always garage kept and in very good condition. I still cook on...
  7. seenred

    Red's Smoked Meatloaf - Qview Heavy

    Happy Sunday Evening, SMF Friends! One of the things I've been meaning to try forever is smoking a meatloaf.  I don't really know why I hadn't done this yet...I've been watching many of my smoking buddies here do this forever...and kept meaning to do some for myself.  But for whatever reason...
  8. seenred

    Red's Easy Hot Wings...with Qview!

    Howdy my smoking Friends!   Mrs. Red and I have been jonesing for some Buffalo wings lately, so I decided to satisfy that hankering today.  I was doing some honey-do's, and also trying to watch the football game, so I didn't want to spend a lot of time on these.  This is a no-fuss method that...
  9. seenred

    Briskets - A Good Read With an Interesting Tidbit Regarding Water Pans

    Good morning my SMF Brothers and Sisters! I'm sure many of you get the same periodic newsletter emails from Thermoworks that I get...they sometimes have links to good blog articles on smoking techniques and how-to's.  To those of you who've seen this already...sorry for posting repetitive...
  10. seenred

    Red's Maiden Cook on the New Gravity Fed Smoker--Finally!

    I finally got the legs and casters under my new (to me) Gravity fed smoker on Sunday.  I'm not much of a welder or fabricator, but if your interested, I've posted that thread over in the builds forum...
  11. seenred

    Small Repair/Fabrication Job on My Southern Q Gravity Fed Smoker

    Couple weeks ago, I purchased a used gravity fed smoker off a guy who used it for competitions.  It was mounted on his comp trailer, over the wheel well, which is why it had 1 short leg and no casters for moving it around. Well Sunday, I was finally able to line up my schedule so I could...
  12. seenred

    My New (to me) Gravity Fed Smoker!

    I've admired the design and looks of those gravity fed insulated vertical smokers for a long time.  The new ones are pretty pricey though...pretty much out of my budget.  So for the last few months I've been surfing classified boards all across the 'net in the hopes of coming across a good deal...
  13. seenred

    Slightly Different Look This Morning?

    Anyone else seeing a slightly new look/layout to the site this morning...or do I have gremlins in my machine again?? Red
  14. seenred

    Red's "Wet" Baby Back Ribs w/Qview!

    Happy Sunday, my SMF Friends! Mrs. Red, God Bless Her, made a special request for baby back ribs today.  I prepared these per her favorite method...WET! 11:30 am:  Dragged the Smoker out of the garage and got it fired up.  While it's coming up to temp, I prepared the rack of ribs...removed the...
  15. seenred

    Anyone heard from David (themule69) lately?

    Last time he posted was back in September.  Anyone heard from him?  Hopefully he's just been busy. David, if ya see this, check in and let us know how it's going with you...hope all is well.  You are missed around here when you're away, friend... Red
  16. seenred

    Couple of Quick Ribeyes on the Rec Tec w/Qview!

    I got the urge to have steak today (thanks to Justin's tenderloin thread).  Just happened to have 2 nice ribeyes for this occasion.   As this was a bit of a spur of the moment meal, I didn't think much about shooting qview until they were already on the grill.  These got marinated for a couple...
  17. seenred

    Red's No Foil Baby Back Ribs and Pork Tenderloin w/ Qview!!

    Howdy SMF Brothers and Sisters! Between Work and Family obligations, and the winter weather, I haven't had the chance to do much smoking.  Well that changed today!  We had an uncommonly pretty day here today...high temp of about 70* this afternoon.  I took Mrs. Red out to a nice steakhouse for...
  18. seenred

    I need a little Tech Support! Anyone know how to fix this?

    I have a tech question...I'll PM a Mod or Admin if needed, but thought I'd ask in case anyone else around here has dealt with this. I recently got a new desktop CPU in my office that is running Windows 7 (my old machine was running one of the versions of XP...but I don't really remember which...
  19. seenred

    My New Toy Just Arrived!

    I've envied those Thermapens for a long time, but just could never quite justify the price when I had a perfectly functional Weber "instant read" thermometer that cost less than 20 bucks.  Well, good fortune took over last weekend, when I had a good run in a poker game at the same time...
  20. seenred

    Red's Grilled Lemon Pepper Atlantic Cod Fillets

    I've been on a seafood kick lately...Mrs. Red found a couple frozen Atlantic Cod fillets that looked pretty good (its often a challenge to find fresh fish and seafood in our part of the country).  Here's an easy recipe that we really like for grilled fish: Marinade Ingredients: 6 Tbsp. fresh...
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