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  1. nmayeux

    What to do about Pics?

    Seems that I have exceeded the maximum amount of dowload space of 256k. What do I need to do to post pics again? Do I need to delete posts, or can I be cleared to more space? All of my pics have pretty much been Q related, and I think that they have contributed to the site. Thanks for your help.
  2. nmayeux

    Labor Day Smoke

    I had planned to smoke 5 racks of BBs, each prepped differently to fine tune my comp turn-ins. However, when my friends, family, and neighbors found out I was smoking, they asked me to smoke a few butts. These few butts turned into 12 boneless butts!!! So much for experimenting with ribs...
  3. nmayeux

    Why I like This Forum

    All, Things have been really busy lately in my life, and cooking is one of the few escapes that I have to really get away, but still be with my family. I post on several boards, but lately, I have really come to appreciate your company more than the others. I guess I started wondering why...
  4. nmayeux

    Competition Lessons

    This could be one of those threads that could be continuously added to, but I did learn a few valuable lessons this weekend. Enjoy: 1. Don't try your first contest by yourself. I really missunderstood the amount of work, especially with the bad weather. 2. Bring it, because you will probably...
  5. nmayeux

    Brisket Pics

    Cookin' a brisket, and thought y'all might like to see.
  6. nmayeux

    Score in Marietta!

    Needed some wood for a brisket smoke tonight, and this is what I picked up for $20! Its a mixture of pecan, hickory, and white oak, and it is cut to 16" lengths, which is perfect for both my BSKD and Lang! If anyone is interested, just PM me and I'll give you directions.
  7. nmayeux

    New Lang Smoker

    Ben Lang has a new cooker in production. It is the 108 Twin, with deluxe warmers, and a HUGE chargriller on the front of the trailer. The units can be operated individually, or in tandem, and as a bunus the whole rig is set up as a fifth wheel. If I win the lottery, this will be my next...
  8. nmayeux

    Pit Builder List

    I wanted to post this down in the cooker section, but I need the help of a moderator. Anyway, here is a list from another source that should help with pit questions. Acme Custom BBQ grills and pits Friendswood, TX http://www.acmewelding.com/BBQ.html Austin National Smoker Company...
  9. nmayeux

    Thermometer Websites

    Here is a list of thermometer websites. I have the NuTemp remote thermometers. If you have a company or product to add to the list, just post it, and I will add it. NuTemp Thermometers http://www.nu-temp.com/ Maverick Thermometers http://www.maverickhousewares.com/th...mote_therm.htm...
  10. nmayeux

    Lansky Knife Sharpener Sale

    Bass Pro has Lansky Sharpeners for a pretty good price. If you have knives, you cannot beat these manual sharpeners.
  11. nmayeux

    New Logo!

    Here is the new logo for our team, and we have an identical one that says "Noah's BBQ" for our little business as well. Enjoy!
  12. nmayeux


    What has six arms, six legs, and three teef? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The third shift at Waffle House!
  13. nmayeux

    BSKD and Bandera

    As the new guy, I was wondering if anyone else has one of these smokers? They are pretty much the same (just mirror images); however, the Banderas have really cheapened over the past year or so. I have had my BSKD for a while, and it is a great smoker with the mods. The only complaint is a...
  14. nmayeux

    My Little Lang

    As a new member, I wanted to let you guys see what I'm working with. Its a great little smoker, and the only complaint I have is that sometimes I need more space! If you are looking for a real smoker, the only advice I can give is to buy as much as you can afford and store!
  15. nmayeux


    How do you perminately attach your signature to all of your posts?
  16. nmayeux

    Peaches and Pigs, Kennesaw, GA

    As a new member, I just wanted to see if anyone might be attending this event. It is a non sactioned event (practice for next year), but it will be conducted under KCBS rules. My wife and I will be competing, and selling dinner on Saturday evening before the concert. It would be nice to meet...
  17. nmayeux


    I just wanted to say thank you for letting me join your site! It seems that I know a couple of members through their posting on other sites, and I was looking for a fun place to chat and ask questions. My wife and I have a fledgling BBQ team and company, but we really just like to hang out...
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