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  1. Steve H

    PS seasoning's cure logic.

    I got my Bloody Mary snack stick kit. And the kit is for 25 pounds of meat. No biggie, they have a conversion table for 1 pound batches. I have 5 pounds of round that will be used. The conversion table has me shaking my head a bit. For 1 pound of meat they state 1/8 tsp of "speed cure" Which...
  2. Steve H

    So there is this store in Boston.

    That has veggies that I've never heard of. Except the Turmeric and the Oyster mushroom. Never seen them fresh. Didn't buy any of that stuff. And I founds these. I bought these. I'm thinking about some spicy vinegar with these guys. Have to see just how hot they are. I'm reading 50,000 to...
  3. Steve H

    Not smoked, partially cured Canadian bacon.

    So, after reading @Bearcarver write up on Canadian bacon that is partially cured and not smoked. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/canadian-bacon-ham-not-smoked-not-completely-cured.294395/page-2#post-2045566 And checking that this will work with cure #1. I knew I had to give it a go...
  4. Steve H

    Perplexed.... still on a mission.

    I can find a picture. But darned if I can find the product.
  5. Steve H

    Corned beef sammies

    Got in the mood for a couple corned beef sammies. So I dug up a pack that I made. And whipped a couple up. No build pics, sorry. I'm a bit weird with how I make them though. I don't add the thousand island dressing while cooking them. I just have a bowl of it aside for dipping.
  6. Steve H

    Anybody have this tablet?

    Anybody out there have a Dell Venue 10 tablet? And if you do. Do you have the keyboard for it?
  7. Steve H

    Made some cakes

    Crab cakes that is. 1 egg 1/4 cup mayo 1 tbs chopped parsley (or 2 teaspoons dried) 2 tsp dijon mustard 2 tsp worcestershire sauce 1 tsp Old Bay seasoning 2 tsp fresh lemon juice 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 pound crab meat 2/3 cup crackers crumbs. I used Town House. Saltines will work as...
  8. Steve H

    Lodge grill

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on this. Anybody has one? Thoughts or concerns?
  9. Steve H

    Bloody Mary Snack Stick Seasoning

    Has anyone tried the PS Bloody Mary Snack Stick Seasoning? I'm intrigued since I do enjoy my Bloody Marys. Having one of these hanging in a glass sounds tasty. https://www.psseasoning.com/collections/snack-sticks/products/no-764-bloody-mary-snack-stick-seasoning I got some coming. And was...
  10. Steve H

    Morning sandwich

    Happy morning to all you smokers out there. Here's a couple sammies I made for breakfast. Used the toast setting on the 360 to get the bread how and a touch crispy. Added the ham and cheese blend. And set the 360 to broil for a few minutes. Heated through and melted! Spread on some...
  11. Steve H

    Zuppa Toscana

    This is a spicy and hearty soup. Couple bowls of this with crusty bread and you're ready for a nap. 8 cups chicken stock 2 pounds hot ground sausage 8 oz thick bacon diced, cooked. And drained on paper towel. 1 med. yellow onion diced 4 cloves minced garlic 1 bunch kale with thick stems removed...
  12. Steve H

    Infrared thermometer

    I've used infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras at works for years. And the other day I read post on FB about using them to check grill grid temps for a good sear. Makes sense to me. 15.00 on amazon. I'll try it out soon.
  13. Steve H


    Today it'll be soft pretzels for lunch. Got a pack of frozen soft pretzels. Wet them a touch. And sprinkled some "Everything Bagel" spice on it. Great stuff, it goes great on a lot of different things. Preheated the 360 to 400 degrees. And cooked them for 5 minutes. Slather with some...
  14. Steve H

    My 360 air fryer pork loin.

    I'm only 2 cooks into this 360 air fryer thing. And I must say that I'm impressed. The guest of the meal. Trimmed and tied the night before. I bought this Adobo Cilantro with lime because it sounded good. And it is very good. It got a decent rub of it. Fresh veggies. Shrooms fried/basting...
  15. Steve H

    My first go with my 360 air fryer.

    Today I had time to give my new toy a try. And I wanted to try something easy. Store bought breaded chicken strips. Set the fryer to AirFry. And let it preheat. Let her go for the preset 18 minutes. Tested. And put it back in for 5 more minutes. Came out nice and crispy. Gave it a...
  16. Steve H

    I'm making more pickles. Who would believe that?!

    It was more of a happenstance then a planned event. Had a partial bag left over from a salad we made. And I haven't made whole dills before. Just sliced, speared, or sliced length wise for sandwich slices. Ice batch for 3 hours. There is enough for 2 quarts. Tried and true recipe: 3:1...
  17. Steve H

    Side by side comparison LEM and Vacuum Sealers Unlimited dealer bags.

    I was asked by @pineywoods and a few others if I would be interested in doing a comparison between LEM vacuum sealer bags. And the Vacuum sealers unlimited bags. Before starting. I want to say that this review should be read open minded. And is written by one persons point of view. Both of these...
  18. Steve H

    Power fryer 360

    Finally arrived. After a ton of research with these "360" fryers. I went with the Power Airfryer 360. The specs are exactly the same as the Emerils one. I would be very surprised if this didn't come off the same assembly line. And without Emeril's name on it. I saved a few bucks. I have a...
  19. Steve H

    Crab legs? Heck yeah!

    No build or finish pics. But the final dinner of the year was awesome. Ribeyes with king crab legs, huge! Lobster and roasted taters. Desert was strawberry rhubarb pie. That's a full size baking dish!
  20. Steve H

    Post up your first meal of the year!

    Here's mine. Bacon jam with tomatoes on toast with miracle whip.
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