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  1. JJS

    New in NJ - Been reading the forums all summer

    Welcome from northern lower Michigan
  2. JJS

    alright guys I need your help! hunting problems( rifle Ruger American)

    probably not gonna be much meat left hunting deer with an RPG, not to mention how pissed the neighbors would be
  3. JJS

    alright guys I need your help! hunting problems( rifle Ruger American)

    A few things I would check, 1) is the stock torqued to factory specs? 2) when you were shooting were you putting pressure on the front of the stock? Could be contacting the barrel causing the stated issue
  4. JJS

    Getting cold

    Does anyone else judge how how cold it is by how high the smoke rolls out of the grill or smoker?
  5. JJS

    Do you ever stop feeling like a rookie.

    Yupper, been around smokers literally my whole life, this site has given me the confidence to pull the trigger on all kinds of things I didn’t know existed lol. The one downside of this site is my budget, there are so many things on here I wanna try but budget and time constraints seem to limit it
  6. JJS

    Wood For Smoking

    Check with local tree trimming companies
  7. JJS

    What your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

    Dressing with gravy, the rest is just filler material
  8. JJS

    Better than McDonalds Egg McMuffin

    Looks good!! I’m to cheap to buy one of those fancy egg cooking rings, been using mason jar rings for years lol. Probably should pony up and get one...
  9. JJS

    This Mornings Sunrise

    That is cool, I am up early every day for work and get to see a lot of cool sunrises, my wife and I are always taking sun rise and sunset pics.
  10. JJS

    A couple more. Keep your chins up folks!

  11. JJS

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Sous-Vide Vacuum Sealer Machine INK-VS01

    USA. Thanks for the opportunity
  12. JJS

    #1 Song on the Billboards the Day You Were Born

    Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
  13. JJS

    Winchester model 1200, 12 gauge 2 3/4 “ chamber

    There is one on eBay now
  14. JJS

    Best way to thaw a 21lbs brisket in 24 hours?

    do the candles help set the mood for the whole cook?
  15. JJS

    How to set up an offset to cook overnight?

    FYI we would love pics when you get it built
  16. JJS

    How to set up an offset to cook overnight?

    I have put brisket and butts in the smoker for 5-6 hrs, wrapped and put in the oven with temp probe alarm set and go to bed until it wakes me up. otherwise the only option is to babysit the damn thing, not bad if you like listening to crickets and other things that go bump in the night but can...
  17. JJS

    Dry Ribs - I think I like them now

    I usually leave them overnight, I only do wet ribs now is it is requested, then I convert them to dry ribs after lol
  18. JJS

    Anyone know what connection this is please?

    Something like this would be easiest if you are just looking for a longer hose, can get shorter ones too
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