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  1. smokermark

    Flat Iron Steak & ABT's w/Q-view

    I was in the mood for a Flat Iron steak and picked up some ABT's to go along with it for last night's Friday evening meal. Dang...this was really great tasting.... Marinated ready to go, seared each side and then on into the smoke chamber about 1 hr. 15 min. A few more minutes and then on in...
  2. smokermark

    Buttermilk BBQ Chicken w/Q-view

    This past Saturday evening a few friends were going to be hanging out, invited me over and I said that I'd bring along a load of barbecue chicken. Breasts, thighs marinated and seasoned set to cook About 45 min. before saucing Chicken in the dark...sorry guys and gals thought about driving a...
  3. smokermark

    Stuffed Veal Loaf Supper & Desert w/Q-view

    I'd been wanting to make a "fattie" for a while now. I decided to make this stuffed veal loaf supper for my parents visiting Sunday. Seasoned with mignonette pepper, kosher salt and Penzey's Mural Of Flavor ready to go in the cooker: 4.25 hrs. later finished with loganberry balsamic glaze...
  4. smokermark

    Chuck Roast, Mushrooms w/Q-view

    Early Saturday morning I got a great deal on this bone-in chuck roast. It had been a while since I'd cooked one of these. I decided to pick one up along with a few cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms for a meal later in the evening to go along with it. Seasoned with mignonette pepper, salt, garlic...
  5. smokermark

    Roos Jump In For Fun

    Another day at the races....no joke. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/ipad/roos-stop-hanging-rock-races/story-fn6bfm6w-1225995078830 http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/races-off-as-roos-street-the-field-20110126-1a5dy.html And can they smoke! 
  6. smokermark

    These pies are for the birds!

    The last couple of years or so I've been feeding birds and I enjoy watching our feathery friends. Yesterday I  made up a batch of seed suet cakes and toasted them in the cooker to finish them off after grilling steak. They really go for this, especially in the winter months when they can use a...
  7. smokermark

    SmokerMark Says Greetings!

    Hello everyone. My name's Mark. I've been a member here about six weeks now. Have never officially posted a roll call. I enjoy reading through the many posts and appreciate what the interaction here on Smoking Meat Forums. And wanted wanted to introduce myself following reading the 'When You...
  8. smokermark

    Double Up Brisket w/Q-view

    Here are a couple of briskets I did together over the weekend that finished up earlier today. I sliced these into halves and thirds afterward and will prepare them with sauce later tonight for tomorrow's use. The first brisket (A) was an Akaushi beef brisket that was just under 15 lb. before...
  9. smokermark

    Boston Butts & Q-view

    Last week I smoked a couple of Berskshire pork boston butts. I had mixed results though decided to post anyway. They were 8 lb. each, brined 30 hours before cooking. Fresh, set to go into brine Rubbed & ready to go into the cooker About done @ 10.5 hrs./165 deg. 1st roast, pulled & ...
  10. smokermark

    Turkey, Chicken Smoke & Q-view

    This past Sunday afternoon I cooked two Turkeys together with a capon chicken. My parents and I had a meal together with the chicken later in the evening. Then I gave one turkey to them and sliced the other at home for use during the week bagging the rest and freezing. Set to go in the cooker...
  11. smokermark

    Baby Back Ribs & Qview

    Earlier this evening I barbecue smoked a couple sets of Berkshire baby back ribs. Pulled from 8 hr. brine, rinsed, marinated, back to refrigeration before seasoning Rubbed & ready End of 1st sauce, 25 min. to go Done after second sauce application, about 5 hrs. total Cut...
  12. smokermark

    "Texas Cadillac" Brisket & Q-view

    A week ago I was hired to chauffeur a group of wild, crazy folks for their annual year end celebratory "night on the town" with the Cadillac limousine. Prior to our departure, most of the guests met up to eat before leaving. Originally I was going to make some barbecue chicken wings and legs but...
  13. smokermark

    Leg Of Lamb Smoked & Q-view

    Monday afternoon for fun I barbecue smoked a 9.5 leg of lamb. Ready to go into the cooker 5 hours, set to rest First cut Platter Cuts around bone, mixed pieces close-up Later put the bone back in the smoker to make it extra chewy for Tyson's ornery dog  :p This leg of...
  14. smokermark

    Weekend Prime Rib Dinner

    This past weekend my parents and I got together for a prime rib dinner at my home. Seasoned & set to cook 3 3/4 hours, 45 min. to go Done to 135 deg. @ 4.5 hours, ready to rest      Standing rib roast cut and plated, following 25 min. rest What you see here is our meal...
  15. smokermark

    Grill Smoked Lamb Shoulder Chops

    It had been a long time since I'd eaten lamb so I decided to give it a go and picked up some last night. Had read somewhere that olive wood works well with lamb and used it for this cook. 3 T. Olive oil 1.5 T. Mixture salt, sweet paprika, dehydrated garlic, black pepper, dehydrated onion...
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