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  1. HalfSmoked

    question about....hot dogs

    I do that with a lot of items bgaviator and Thanks for the like it is greatly appreciated. Warren
  2. HalfSmoked

    question about....hot dogs

    Freeze them induvial on a cookie sheet them bag. Warren
  3. HalfSmoked

    Just a coupla guy's trynna smoke some meat

    Where in Va are you I might just say come on over. Hahaha. Good suggestion try some of the parks. By the way welcome to the forum glad to have you on board. Warren
  4. HalfSmoked

    Brisket Cook

    Read above he didn't use a probe Warren
  5. HalfSmoked

    Pulled pork round 2

    Yup now send me a sammie sure looks very tasty from here. The IT is important to get tender meat for pulling and a tender brisket. Warren
  6. HalfSmoked

    question about....hot dogs

    Awesome comments made for you to save the dogs. We just put a couple at a time in zip lock sandwich bags and not for long term freezer storage. Warren
  7. HalfSmoked


    2 great references Pops why they should have you dashing around real soon. Found them very interesting reading. Warren
  8. HalfSmoked

    Why is my chicken covered in soot?

    No help but seems you are getting some good pointers. I never had a off set. Warren
  9. HalfSmoked

    25 lbs of smoked sausage (Hot Links)

    Awesome job man you been in the sausage mode here lately. Great color and I bet the taste is great to. Warren
  10. HalfSmoked

    Brisket Cook

    Looks great. Just wondering did you go by the thermometer on your smoker or do you have a remote one with probes. Most smoker units are off. Warren
  11. HalfSmoked

    BIG Briskets - What's the biggest one you've cooked?

    He did an 17 1/2 lb and it turned out great. 225 no wrap about 18 hrs. But was well worth the effort. Warren
  12. HalfSmoked

    Air Fryer 360 Pizza

    Dang now your a member of the 360 club. I'm still thinking about it. I lost a piece of my china and I see you found it. Warren
  13. HalfSmoked

    Featured Finally got a Hobart Slicer......now I hope it is a good unit.

    Hang in there the help will come a couple good suggestions already Warren
  14. HalfSmoked

    Latkes/potato pancake HELP PLEASE

    Thanks for the like Fivetricks it is greatly appreciated. Warren
  15. HalfSmoked

    New member hello

    Thanks for the like Southshore30 it is greatly appreciated. Warren
  16. HalfSmoked

    New Smoker, New to Smoking. Love Seafood and spicy! TIPS NEEDED!

    Welcome tyradia first go to home page and sign in under roll call. Then for more information click on forums on top of home page and just keep strolling down and you will see all kinds of info on just about everything. Warren
  17. HalfSmoked

    New from MN

    Welcome from Maryland glad to have you on board as you have seen there is tons of info on here and a lot of great guys and gals. Warren
  18. HalfSmoked

    Cheesy shredded beef hash

    Nice save great looking breakfast. Warren
  19. HalfSmoked

    Another Birthday Leftover

    Great meal there. I've had the bacon wrap scollops from Sam's Club not to bad. Warren
  20. HalfSmoked

    Best Soup & Sandwich Meal Ever!! (Long W/ Heavy Q-View)

    Great looking soup and sammie. A great tribute to the Forum and its spot on. Warren
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