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  1. dgross

    Any reccomendations for a long lasting digital themometer?

    Hi everyone :)! I need a recommendation for a good thermometer that won't crap out after a couple of smokes. Had a couple of good ones that worked for a few years and then died. The polder replacement worked for only one smoke and has gone fubar on me... Very frustrated ;)! Would love some input...
  2. dgross

    Looking for specific brine recipie..

         Hi everyone :)! I am looking for a brine recipie that contains zatarans crab boil and apple juice that I found on here a few years ago. If anyone knows where this lives, I would greatly appreciate a link, or a nudge in the right direction :)! Thanks in advance and enjoy your Thanksgiving...
  3. dgross

    We're getting a locally raised and slaughtered turkey for the first time this year....

    Hi everyone :)! We are lucky enough to be able to get a locally raised turkey this year and I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions for brines? This is the first year that we have been lucky enough to get a really FRESH and organic local turkey and if anyone has suggestions we would love to...
  4. dgross

    Bad News :(

    Sorry folks that I haven't been in touch with ya'll lately but Frank's Mom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we have been busy dealing with all of those issues as well as trying to keep our lives under control (haaa, haaaa! ). Please keep us in your thoughts and unfortunately, this...
  5. dgross

    What woods are best for which meats?

    Hi everyone! Sorry that I've been so lax in my checking in lately but the weather has gotten under my skin and gardening chores are taking over . Just wanted to know what woods are good for which meats? Hubby and I have pruned the fruit trees and are in posession of Plum (lots), Cherry( bits...
  6. dgross

    Baby back ribs

    Hi everyone ! My hubby and I are doing our 1st attempt at BBR today. We rubbed them last night, wrapped in plastic, and put them on at about 1 after letting them sit at room temp for 20 min. . Got up to temp and followed the 2.5-2-1 method. They are still in the 1 mode and look forward to a good...
  7. dgross

    Great new bluegrass band

    Hello everyone ! I know that there are at least a few bluegrass fans out there and want to let you know of a great band Hubby and I just discovered. Their name is No Speed Limit and they are a talented bunch of kids! Check 'em out, you just may find a new favorite (no pun on Allison Krauss...
  8. dgross

    Orange toast spread

    Here is a great spread for your morning toast :D ! It keeps for weeks in the 'fridge and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Daun Mix together: 1 stick softened butter 2 cups confectioners sugar the grated rind and juice from 1 orange Store in the...
  9. dgross

    Has anyone concidered the Lexington BBQ Festival for a visit

    With such a geographically diverse group of people, I would love to invite anyone in this form to come and visit the Annual Lexington, NC, BBQ festival being held in the fall of 2007. The Southeast is blessed with a diverse BBQ history and we'd like to share this with you all :D . If you do a...
  10. dgross

    Drip pan underneath fatties to catch drippings for gravy?

    Hi! Just wanted to know if I put a drip pan under my fatties, will the drippings be useful for gravy? More worried about killing the bugs than anything. Thanks, Daun
  11. dgross

    Should I rub my fatties?

    Hi everyone :D . I was wondering what, if any, rub should I apply to my 1st fatties and, how long should they stand seasoned before putting them on the smoker? I picked up 2 sage, 1 hot ( got the last one ) and, 1 reg. Jimmy Dean rolls earlier today. Thanks for the suggestions :) , Daun
  12. dgross

    Found a new Kingsford product at Food Lion

    Found a new (to me) ' Char wood' by Kingsford. Has anyone used it yet? Is it any good or a waste of $$ ( ~6.50/bag)? Thought we'd try it tomorrow with our 1st fatties and ABT's. Thanks for any info in advance, Daun
  13. dgross

    Fire saftey

    Hi everyone! My hubby and I were discussing the merits of fire saftey when dealing with smokers on the way to the store to stock up. Even though the danger is greater with a wood burning or charcoal apparatus, this is something for everyone to concider before firing up your favorite smoker :) ...
  14. dgross

    Pre-Christmas Practice Turkey

    Here's the picture I promised! We decided it isn't safe to experiment on relatives, so we smoked a practice turkey two weeks before. Used an ECB with modifications (extra vent holes, digital thermometer to monitor smoker tremp, adjustable draft) and the results were exceptional! 13 lbs. brined...
  15. dgross

    Boneless country style ribs

    Hi everyone :) ! Just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions on how to smoke bonless country style pork ribs. I've never cooked these before and the recepies I'm finding on cooks.com look poor. We plan on trying these on Sun. so any info would be deeply appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Daun
  16. dgross

    Cornish hens

    Hi ya'll! I've been watching this site for a while and decided it was time to take the plunge :) ! We are planning on smoking 4 cornish game hens on Christmas and would love any suggestions for flavorful brines and/or rubs. Thanks in advance from a novice in Madison, NC :) !
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