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  1. opsmokin

    Temp Fluctuations

    When smoking "forgiving" things such as pork butts or brisket points, I am less concerned about temp fluctuations.  I will let my smoker go anywhere from 235* to 270* without too much worry.  Should I be more concerned? 
  2. opsmokin

    Question: Refridgerate or freeze

    I'm smoking a brisket on Sunday however won't be eating it until Saturday afternoon.  Can I simply refridgerate and reheat or do I need to freeze it? Thanks
  3. opsmokin

    Burnt Ends

    Haven't had burnt ends since moving from KC to Nashville.  Today would end that.   Bought a whole packer at Sam's and separated the point.  I removed all the fat from the surface of the point.  Rubbed with Montreal Steak and onto the smoker.  I used lump w/apple wood and maintained temps +/-...
  4. opsmokin

    Country Style Beef Ribs to Burnt Ends

    Hi All, Given the amount of fat in CS beef ribs, could I turn them into burnt ends?  Would they retain the same flavor, moisture and texture?   Cheers 
  5. opsmokin

    Been lurking awhile...First time post

    Hello All, Finally decided to register and post after lurking for a few months. My name is Gregg and I'm a KS transplant, originally from the east coast (MD&NJ). I live in Overland Park, on the KS side of KC. My smoking venture began in early September of this year.  My 11 yo son Jack claimed...
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