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  1. bwsmith_2000

    Need grilled oyster recipe please

    Greetings!      A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were in Covington, La and ate at a restaurant named "Acme Oyster House." We had a dish called char grilled Oysters and they were positively delicious. I asked the waitress how to prepare them but she said she if she told me, she would have to...
  2. bwsmith_2000

    AMN S Pellet versus sawdust smoker

    Looking for input on a comparison of the pellet versus the dust smokers. What are the pros and cons of the two types of smokers?  I have the sawdust model and plan to use it tomorrow. Should I also go for the tube smoker as well and why or why not? Thanks for your input.
  3. bwsmith_2000

    Help with smoking blue fish

    A friend of mine just brought me a "mess" of blue fish. I have eaten some delicious smoked blue fish before and would like to fix these as well. I have some ideas of how to do it but would really appreciate some experienced input. Any help?
  4. bwsmith_2000

    Best Corn on the Cobb ----- Brine it.

    I have a great tip for those who enjoy corn on the cobb. I was watching Cook's Cooking show on Georgia Public TV yesterday and they were doing corn on the cobb. They brined the corn in a solution of a gallon of water and a half cup each of salt and sugar. It was allowed to brine for about three...
  5. bwsmith_2000

    Chuckie Vs Eye of Round Question

         A couple of weeks ago, I smoked a 3 1/2 lb chuckie at 230* to and IT of about 160* and it was delicious. It was tender, juicy and very good to eat either as an entree or in sandwiches.      Thinking how really good this was, I thought I would upgrade a little today. I smoked a 5 3/4 lb...
  6. bwsmith_2000

    Academy Sports in Athens, Ga. has GOSM big block Stainless Steel Smokers

    Hello fellow smokers,      Not too long ago, several of our smokers were looking for the GOSM big block stainless steel smokers. Well, I found them today at the Sports Academy in Athens, Ga. The smoker on display is not the dual wall but it is the SS and a big block. I'm not sure but I think...
  7. bwsmith_2000

    Orion Smokers input??

    Recently, I was at a friend's house and he served pulled pork that he had prepared on an "Orion" smoker. When he told me about the cook times, I was amazed. He said the pulled pork (butt) took only about 5-6 hours to cook. He cooked ribs in about 2-3 hours .... and they were good! How about it...
  8. bwsmith_2000

    Root Crops Plus

    Well we had a beautiful day today and the garden is just barely dry enough to begin to work plus we have rain (70%) coming in on Monday. So, with the temp in the upper 60's tomorrow and only partly cloudy, the wife and I went to our local farm and garden store and purchased seeds and plants for...
  9. bwsmith_2000

    Heads up on "Boston Butts."

    Yo mates!! I think Ingle's is a local southern grocery chain but I was in a local store in the Atlanta area yesterday and bought 12 boston butts at .88/lb. (That's all they had.) I'll call on a few other stores tomorrow. If you have a freezer, it can be a really good deal. Love that pulled...
  10. bwsmith_2000

    Atlanta Area Water Damage????

    Just wondering about our Atlanta area smokers and the flooding. Anyone have status or news of any of our members there?
  11. bwsmith_2000

    BBQ Rules

    BBQ RULES Entering the BBQ season it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this outdoor cooking activity. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events are put into motion:Rule number: (1) The woman buys the food.(2) The woman makes the salad, prepares the...
  12. bwsmith_2000

    Memorial Day 2008 -- What's in the smoker?

    Smokers, I have a few ideas for my smoke on Memorial Day but I'm not quite "there" yet on my menu. So far, I think I'm doing: Ribs Chicken Turkey Legs Dutch's Baked Beans Corn on the cob (on the grill) Then for appetizers: Fatty ABTs Stuffed Smoked Shrooms What are the rest of you...
  13. bwsmith_2000

    Electric Smokers on Sale .... Bass Pro

    Smokers looking for a new unit ....... Unfortunately I have misplaced the add now but the day before yesterday, I received a circular in the mail from Bass Pro. I don't remember the manufacturer but is was a familiar one and they are selling electric smokers for $100 off. Sounded like a good...
  14. bwsmith_2000


    Still tweaking. One of Dutch's rolled loins. Came out really good. This is the finished product.
  15. bwsmith_2000


    Testing pictures Just a test using the instructions.
  16. bwsmith_2000

    Archives Question

    Tonight, I was responding to Grande's question regarding suggestions for smoking books. I referred him to the forum site to which we have been posting. Then, just to check the status of the site, I accessed it and found that there was only one book review. I know there have been many more...
  17. bwsmith_2000

    The blond and the barking dog.

    A blond and her husband are lying in bed listening to the next door neighbor's dog. It has been in the backyard barking for hours and hours. The blond jumps up out of bed and says "I've had enough of this" and she goes downstairs. The blond finally...
  18. bwsmith_2000

    Smoking with mayonaise ???

    Help me with my failing memory. A few weeks ago, I read several posts regarding the use of slathering mayo on meats before smoking. I thought it to be a very interesting thread and planned to follow up with a trial of the method. Now I can't find the procedure or any info on it ...... even with...
  19. bwsmith_2000

    Delicious Smoked King Mackeral Dip Recipe

    Several of my neighbors have asked me for my smoked fish dip recipe so I thought I would also share it with my friends on the SMF. Let me start out by saying that the smoking part of this process works well with most any type fish to be served just as a smoked fish entree. So feel free to use it...
  20. bwsmith_2000

    One of the greatest acts I have seen.

    SMF Bretheren, This one is not really a joke but I guess it fits here better than any other category I can think of. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If memory serves me, this is the guy who won the million dollar grand prize in the "America's Got Talent" competition. I never watch...
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