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  1. lathrop

    Turkey bred for flavor?

    A few years ago I gave up buying pork in the supermarket because the flavor was universally awful. I went to buying from local farmers and even slaughtered and butchered one. In the last year or so the Supermarket pork quality seems to have improved so I do buy it now. Turkey like other...
  2. lathrop

    smoke box for Kamado Pot.

    I am looking for a smoke box for my Big Green egg. And thought i would ask for recommendations. Altho the foil wrap works it is not Ideal.
  3. lathrop

    pork loin

    I have recently tried smoking pork loins. Altho the results have been pretty good I have a question as to internal temp. My last one smoked away while I went out to dinner and when I checked the IT it was 178*. So I wrapped it in foil and let it cool for several hours on the counter then...
  4. lathrop

    pork tenderloin in a kamado Pot.

    I just got another Kamado pot a Big Green egg. The large size. it has been 15 years since I used one and it was a different "brand" . I am looking for a basic rub + cooking time and temp. for a 4# pork tenderloin. A reference would be fine or a recipe. Thanks in advance.
  5. lathrop

    meat slicer

    I am looking to buy a cheap meat slicer. And am looking for recommendations. My most common use is to slice hard salami. The salami that I buy is truly hard.
  6. lathrop

    cooking grate for a 17" bullet smoker.

    I picked up a used charcoal smoker/ BBQ. It is missing the cooking grates. they should be about 161/2 inches in diameter.. where would I find such a thing.. ?
  7. lathrop

    Head cheese from pigs head.

    I just looked at Al's take on head cheese which has no pigs head in it. I approve  of the effort. However i am looking for a recipe using a whole head. As a bit of history. I helped with the killing and butchering of pigs when I was a little kid.  so when I was 6 or 7 years old after the head...
  8. lathrop

    Curimg time

    I put 2  2#  chunks in the Fridge yesterday, after applying  the cure.    I was wondering when to add pepper and other flavors.  I used the Marianski dry rub.  How long should I let it cure?  I am seeing  various times.  days per # days per 1/2  inch, etc.  on some of the threads. Marianski's...
  9. lathrop

    Greenhouse upgrade

    I have a 10x20 GH that I built using a  Costco shelter frame covered with 7 mil  GH plastic film. I have planting beds raised to about hip high. I have used it to grow tomatoes for the last 2 years. I am now interested in growing some winter vegetables.  I have buried Heat tape in the beds 1...
  10. lathrop

    Double smoking a ham?

    I have 1/2 a ham that is from a pig I had custom slaughtered and cured last year. We have another !/2 pig on the way so it is time to use this ham. I need a recipe for double smoking it. Rub if any??. Smoking temps??. and time. Internal temp at the finish.  I believe it is the lower half of the...
  11. lathrop

    spit roasted Lamb

    I just read the thread on stuffed leg of lamb. yummy. I love all the references to Italy as I lived there for a few months several times. My question has to do with spit roasting a whole 18Lb [dressed weight] lamb. We did this with baby goat on a Greek Isl. at Easter 2 years running and it came...
  12. lathrop

    Hog Jowl Bacon

    I would like to cure and smoke some Hog jowl. I have been buying jowl bacon  from a Local Farmer here in Port Townsend, Washington. But I recently bought some Jowl so that I could try curing it and smoking it. Does anyone have a basic recipe? [grin] I would appreciate any and all. thanks.
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