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  1. heavyd4561

    Packer Brisket smoked on the Lang

    Good afternoon, wanted to share my Brisket cook. Came out great 14lb Superior Angus Packer from Restaurant Depot Pepper, salt, garlic, onion, oregano rub 100% Applewood splits no charcoal Lang 36 Patio 5 hours at 300 degrees
  2. heavyd4561

    Beef Dino Ribs and Brisket Burnt Ends with QView

    Found some Dino ribs and a small Brisket point at the store... so it’s a beef day. Smoker: Lang 36 Wood: Apple Rub: Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Oniom, Oregano Sorry pics are not in order long cook = extra beers
  3. heavyd4561

    Bacon Cheeseburger Onion Rings

    My son finally convinced me to try this. Recipe I used: 1 pound of ground beef 1 cup cheddar cheese 2 pounds of bacon Salt, pepper, garlic White onions I set up but making some onion rounds and putting every other round together as a pair. Then smooshed in the beef/cheese:”/spices mixture and...
  4. heavyd4561

    Gameday Beef Plate Ribs

    Salt, pepper, garlic, onion and Oregano rub. Trimmed hard fat off and pulled membrane off the back Cooked on the Lang at 300 over applewood Cooked until 198 degrees Smoke ring $$ shot
  5. heavyd4561

    Pig Candy and Spare Ribs cook

    Few racks of spares (and Kielbasa for some kids) in the Lang at 300f using applewood. "Sweet heat rub" Half way through looking good Pig Candy soaked in maple syrup overnight Money shot time! Kielbasa first Ribs! Ribs smoke ring PIG CANDY - it's unreal!!
  6. heavyd4561

    Big Mac Fatty

    So decided to experiment and try a Big Mac Fatty on the Lang. My bacon lattice needs work but none the less came out great!!Pickles, onions, American cheese on the inside. Sauce recipe taste real close to "secret sauce" The bacon on the inside could have been crispier, I used a thick cut...
  7. heavyd4561

    Found a small Brisket point....

    Was doing some shopping and found the supermarket had a bunch of brisket flats for sale for Memorial Day weekend. Then I spotted a lone small point already separated for really cheap so I snatched it up and just made some Burnt Ends out of it. 300f - Lang Patio - Apple/Hickory wood Cutting up...
  8. heavyd4561

    First time Spatchcocked chicken

    Applewood - Lang 36 Patio - 300F Came out fantastic!!!
  9. heavyd4561

    Spareribs on the Lang

    Got a deal on some spareribs at local butcher. Rubbed them down with a heavy brown sugar rub and fridges them overnight. Hot and fast on my Lang 36 patio using Apple wood
  10. heavyd4561

    Hot and fast brisket cook

    Doing a 12 pound packer today I trim aggressively on the point so I can have bark on both sides of my burnt ends
  11. heavyd4561

    Smoked sweet sausage - first cook of the spring!

    Finally got the nice weather here to stay so finally broke out the Lang for the first time this spring. Smoked sweet sausage using apple wood- 275 degrees. DELICIOUS!!!
  12. heavyd4561

    Bulk fruitwood in MA/RI area

    Anyone got any leads for some bulk fruitwood splits in the MA/RI area?
  13. heavyd4561

    New to the forum!

    Checking in from New England area, with the impending snowstorm, finally decided to stop lurking and join the forum.[/IMG] I am currently using a Lang 36 Patio, mostly fruit wood from local orchards and constantly trying to hone my BBQ skills. I added a few cool pics. Glad to join the forum!
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