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  1. Lonzinomaker

    Featured Finally got a Hobart Slicer......now I hope it is a good unit.

    First thing I would do is to make sure the blade can be removed to clean behind it. I had to put penetrating oil on the screws for mine for 3 days and use a hand held impact driver to remove them. Then give it a thorough cleaning.
  2. Lonzinomaker

    Need a Good Rub For Pork butt

    I make up a big batch of Amazing Rib's "Memphis Dust Rib Rub". Then I make a light salt brine with 1 can of frozen apple juice concentrate, sprinkle the butt well with the dust and put it in the brine for 24 hours. Take butt out for brine, pat dry, add a generous coating of dust and then smoke...
  3. Lonzinomaker

    Featured Gumbo time! Chicken and Andouille

    I had to order from Amazon. Spokane WA. didn't have any in stock, even in the natural food stores. I use it more for flavor than thickening so to me it isn't Gumbo without file.
  4. Lonzinomaker

    Featured Gumbo time! Chicken and Andouille

    I use okra and a little file when I make gumbo.
  5. Lonzinomaker

    Smokehouse Insect Repellent Tips Needed

    I would leave the spider and screen any openings to keep wasps and hornets out. You could use both hardware cloth for rodent/critter control and screen for insect/fly control. Remember that screen does cut down airflow, so you may need to change opening dimensions.
  6. Lonzinomaker

    Smokin-It #3 Temperature Setting Verses Inside Cabinet Temperature

    My #3 needed some additional seasoning before the temps stabilized. And it also needs some mass inside to make temps even out. I just got a #1 for camping and the first 2 times running empty while seasoning, it got around 300 also. But when I smoked a turkey breast, it hit the 225 deg and...
  7. Lonzinomaker

    Favorite Jerky Seasoning

    My recipe is much like Flamz911 with an addition of 2 TBS A-1 sauce, 1tsp fish sauce and only 1 tsp of Cure #1. I also don't use a jerky gun. I mix meat and marinade well, let it sit for an hour. Then I roll it out on silicone baking mats to about 1/4 to 3/8 in thick into a 10x14 in rectangle...
  8. Lonzinomaker

    Turning an MES 40 into a dehydrator

    I mainly do jerky in my Smokin-It #3 which only has a 1 inch top vent, and I have to turn the heat up to 170 when the ambient temp is below 75. When I use my MES to do jerky, I do close the vent some and I have to turn heat up to 200.
  9. Lonzinomaker

    Question on max watts/amps

    Most power strips are rated at 12-15 amps. Your element is going to draw 12-13 amps by itself. I think you are very close to overloading your circuits. I would look at getting a 20 amp circuit dedicated to the smoker. And if you use any extensions cords, make them at least 12 gauge and as...
  10. Lonzinomaker

    Turning an MES 40 into a dehydrator

    "AXIAL 8038, Muffin 120V AC Cooling Fan, 80mm x 80mm x 38mm, Low Speed. $17.99 ... Low Operating Temperature‎: ‎14 to 230°F Fan Bearings‎: ‎Dual Ball Fan Model‎: ‎LS8038A Speed‎: ‎2000 RPM" I just set the fan over the top vent, but put a paper towel between fan and vent to help move moisture...
  11. Lonzinomaker

    Turning an MES 40 into a dehydrator

    Fixed the link to the fan. I really like it because it is very quiet, low speed, and plugs directly into a 120v AC outlet (no adapter needed). AC Infinity Axial Fan 8038
  12. Lonzinomaker

    Turning an MES 40 into a dehydrator

    I used this fan ( AC Infinity AXIAL 8038, Quiet Muffin Fan) for my Smokin-it smoker. Put it in a 4 in vent cap. Works really well.
  13. Lonzinomaker

    Smokintex temperature fluctuation

    Setting temperature with an analog thermostat is kind of like a broken clock. The clock will be right twice a day, the temps will be right twice every time the thermostat cycles. As others have said, the only solution to tighter temperature control is a PID controller.
  14. Lonzinomaker

    Best Recipe for Smoked Turkey

    I use Jenny-O turkey breasts all the time and still brine them. Using brine helps improve the flavor according to my taste testers. I do a wet brine when I want to do an overnight brine. And dry brine when I have time to let it set for 2-3 days. For food safety I also use Prague powder #1 in...
  15. Lonzinomaker

    Pellet wood w/ amazen tray recomendations for cheese

    I smoke for 2.5-3 hours with my mailbox mod. I run the propane torch around the inside of the MES for a couple of minutes to get it warmed up. Seems to help draw the smoke through better. My preferred pellets are 100% apple wood.
  16. Lonzinomaker

    Smoking Blue Cheese

    When I started making Lonzino, the recipe called for using brandy to rinse the bung when trussing. And using brandy as a spray to keep moisture levels from dropping to quickly. I picked a good brandy because I never cook with anything I won't drink. I really can't taste the brandy on the...
  17. Lonzinomaker

    Smoking Blue Cheese

    I smoke for for 3 hours with apple wood and let it dry overnight in fridge. Then I like to make a saturated salt bath with a good brandy and rinse the cheese with it . Then I put in vacuum bags and seal.
  18. Lonzinomaker

    First time jerky question

    Soy Vay "Very Very Teriyaki" low sodium marinade sauce makes a good base for a jerky marinade. I mix one bottle of that with 1/2 cup soy sauce, a Tbs of Sriracha, 1/2 can of frozen orange juice, 1/2 tsp coriander and 1 tsp fish sauce for my 5# batches.
  19. Lonzinomaker

    First time jerky question

    Second what Band collector said. I used Hi Mountain before when I started making jerky. It is worth trying it as directions call for. It does pull moisture from your meat, so it kind of makes it's own liquid so you should put it in a pan or in a ziplock baggie. There are lots of liquid based...
  20. Lonzinomaker

    Christmas gift for you -- Inkbird Giveaway of WiFi ITC-308 Temperature Controller

    Add me to the winners list. Happy holidays to all.
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