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  1. vmart

    Pork butt questions

    Hi everyone! I'm newer to smoking and this is going to be my first time smoking 3 pork butts. I got a new smoker ( weber smokey mountain 18"). I have a few questions. 1) I read that a general rule for cook time is 1.5 hour/lb (of course IT will tell when to pull). I am smoking three 7lb butts...
  2. vmart

    Smoked Spare Ribs

    Smoking some ribs for todays game (GO TITANS!). Seasoned with Meat Church Honey hog and Deez nuts honey pecan Rub. maintaining at 225 and using the 3-2-1 method.  pulled them after 3 hours. Time to wrap. wrapped in foil for 2 hours, pulled, and sauced them. put them back in for an hour
  3. vmart

    Smoked Chicken Wings

    Last week smoke. First time smoking chicken wings and first time using my new smokey mountain. Smoked at 275 for about 2.5 hours. Seasoned with Meat Church Honey Hog Hot. Sauced them with Stubbs Original. 
  4. vmart

    Newbie Questions

    Hello Everyone, I started smoking on a masterbuilt GS40 propane smoker back in November 2014. I've only actually smoked at most 10 times. I decided to start up again. While recently smoking, I noticed a thick white smoke coming out of the vents. The meat doesn't really taste smoky anymore. Any...
  5. vmart

    First time pork butt/shoulder

    First time smoking a pork butt/shoulder. Took 19 hours at about 225-235, without foil wrapping, to reach IT of 203. I was concerned by the blackened look but after it rested and was pulled, it was a hit. Finished up with Stubbs original sauce.
  6. vmart

    Second smoke, first time ribs

    First time smoking pork loin back ribs. 3 hours in. Now going into foil for 2 hours
  7. vmart

    First smoke.... Brisket flat

    Got to smoke for the very first time and of course I choose the hardest meat to smoke (according to some posts). Smoked a 6.5lb brisket flat. Maintained the temp between 230-240 and used mesquite chips. Brought it up to 150 fat side up and then wrapped in foil to be put back until 203. Came out...
  8. vmart

    New comer!

    Hey all! I am new to smoking. I'll be smoking out of Palm springs, CA. I recently got a masterbuilt GS40 propane smoker as a gift. You all have amazing tips and recipes. Looking forward to continuing reading through threads. Going to start out with what many describe as a "forgiving meat" and...
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