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  1. sickpuppy

    Sugar Cane Smoked Turkey?

    Hey all, Just heard about a new twist on smoking a turkey. (At least new to me.) A local restaurant and food guru says he uses sugar cane to smoke his turkey. He states that he brined it over night and then uses sugar cane instead of wood chips to smoke it. Sounds like something I will have to...
  2. sickpuppy

    Great brining web site.

    Hi all, While reading the food section of the local paper this morning came across a great web site: http://www.birdbrine.com It is New Orleans based, and good food and New Orleans, say no more. I thought it was interesting. They are trying to sell products but they also have some good...
  3. sickpuppy

    Home after Katrina evacuation.

    Hi all, I am finally home from evacuation from Katrina. I am one of the lucky ones that still have a home to come home to. I evacuated from primary home, in suburbs of New Orleans, on the 27th of August, to my second home in Jayess, Mississippi. Then after going on weather.com saw that...
  4. sickpuppy

    Discovered Great Meat dept.

    Hey All, Fired up the smoker with the ribs (3 ½ down) and brisket from the local store that I discovered has a great meat department (Breaux Mart). The butcher there cuts the ribs in the “Kansas Style†with the trimmed parts in with the ribs, skirt and all. When I asked if they were...
  5. sickpuppy

    SMOKING ribs, 40 minutes in!

    Hi all, I am 40 minutes into my FIRST spare rib smoke. So far, so good. I may have made a mistake in the purchase of my ribs. I purchased at Walmart and I passed up the Tyson, which I know are injected with, what they call their broth, and opted instead for a frozen pack of Smithfield ribs...
  6. sickpuppy

    GOSMS Damper questions

    Morning everyone, The damper on the top of the gas GOSMS smoker, what happens when you open or close it. Of course you can not close it all the way (made that way). I know that it causes airflow, but how does it effect the temp or smoke. Thanks for any info. Dan
  7. sickpuppy

    Little Mary Margaret

    Little Mary Margaret was not the best student in Catholic School. Usually she slept through the class. One day her teacher, a Nun, called on her while she was sleeping. "Tell me Mary Margaret, who created the universe?" When Mary Margaret didn't stir, little Johnny, who was her friend...
  8. sickpuppy

    Peach Cobbler

    PEACH COBBLER 1 Can sliced peaches 15 or 16 oz. (if you have fresh peaches use 2 cups peeled and sliced) 1 cup sugar ¼ lb. Butter 2 tablespoons baking powder Cinnamon or nutmeg 1 cup flour ½ teaspoon salt ¾ cup sugar ¾ cup milk Pour 1 cup of sugar over peaches and let stand. Melt...
  9. sickpuppy

    Round Roast and Peach Cobbler

    Hi All, Just a picture of a round roast I just took out of the smoker. Also a picture of the Peach Cobbler I smoked to fill the sweet tooth after we finish with the round roast. I guess it could be considered a London Broil. The roast is from the animal in my avatar. Was named Junior, and...
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