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  1. bdskelly

    Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage

    Looks delicious ! Bd
  2. bdskelly

    Andouille & Cajun Hot sausages ~ Foamheart

    That is the best batch of links ever
  3. bdskelly


    Agreed my fiend. Balance Your needs with your budget ...and what wont completely tick off the spouse!
  4. bdskelly


    IMHO... And you’ll get a lot of answers on this BUT When it comes to electrics go fo the largest capacity within your budget. As you begin to enjoy and improve you’ll be having family and folks over to show off your keen culinary talents! WiFi is another tricky question. I have WiFi’s on my...
  5. bdskelly

    Barely avoided disaster?

    Very interesting read Gents. Ive not experienced this with my RT700... But could certainly see how it might happen. Heck given enough fire and Jack Danials ANYTHING could happen in my backyard. By design these poopers do not seal very well. Enough wind and enough smoldering pellets could...
  6. bdskelly

    Blackstone griddle bowed?

    Interesting. I was looking at a post from Case making cheeseburgers on his... which of course inevitably made me think that I MUST have one of these for myself. LOL. Keep us posted what you find. A good griddle need to be flat. B
  7. bdskelly


    Many of us started on electrics. And many never changed! The 2D has a lot of great reviews on this site. And welcome! Looking forward to seeing your smokes.
  8. bdskelly

    Pork Steaks (SV to Grill)

    Looks delicious John . you had me at baby corn!
  9. bdskelly

    hello all

    And another howdy from Texas.
  10. bdskelly

    Smoked Snake for supper

    I’ve got a rather large snake that lives in my shop. I’ve never seen it. Just long length if shedded skins from time to time. I let it be and hope it has an appetite for mice.
  11. bdskelly

    Beef Ribs (plate ribs)

    Ask for chuck ribs or dino ribs. Sometimes they have them but call them a different name.
  12. bdskelly

    A few wings

    Pronounce “wangs” in Texas . And those wangs look out of sight!
  13. bdskelly

    Best Charcoal Grill

    Another Weber plus. Parts are readily available everywhere
  14. bdskelly


    There are so many to choose from it’s overwhelming. In the end I bought a RecTec 700 Bull. It’s more than you are wanting to spend. But that is okay! Because there are many options out there and most a pretty dang good units. Treager 34” pro as an example and fits right on your budget Any...
  15. bdskelly

    Pellet Smokers

    How much is kind of subjective. I’d say not as much as my offset of course. It would be on par with my old MES I think. I’m happy with the flavor. I only use hickory pellets . Hope that helps
  16. bdskelly

    Pellet Smokers

    I’ve got the RecTec Bull now. Very good unit. It’s been in service over a year now without a lick of trouble. I’ve owned more smokers than I can remember. This rectec is the easiest to use and the product is consistent.
  17. bdskelly

    Vac Sealer Recommendations?!?

    Justin. Them vac masters are a bit pricy. But you won’t go though a couple like you’ve been . Both Kevin and I have the 350. At least I think he’s got the same one I have... And buy your rolls from Lisa if you don’t already. They are awesome.
  18. bdskelly

    Brisket Pie à la mode!

    This post is over he top! Standing ovation! Bravo!
  19. bdskelly

    Mesquite Chuck Tacos w/ Homemade Tortillas

    I do love a good taco. I like the idea of the enchilada sauce over the chucky. I bet those were out of sight
  20. bdskelly

    Rings and Chubs

    Those look awesome!
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