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  1. absinthedragon

    First Chuck Roast... Fail :(

    Greetings everyone, On Sunday, the lady and I decided to smoke something spur of the moment while we were out getting a couple items for dinner. We were in Aldi, and their cuts of meat change periodically, and I decided to see what they had. They had a pre-marinated Chuck Roast that was...
  2. absinthedragon

    PERFECT RIBS EVERY TIME! This really works!

    As i have never done Baby Back Ribs, I have no wheel to reference and this is the first 'good' recipe/process i found in the huge vault of the forums. Thank you for posting and I will be trying this tomorrow! :) Cheers, Morgan
  3. absinthedragon

    Baby Back Ribs prepping

    Great pics! I am trying my hand at Baby Back Ribs this Sunday, and have them ready to prep, but I am looking for a good 'prep article' and have been scouring the Forums, with no luck... Any suggestions? Thanks! Morgan.
  4. absinthedragon

    Peeling Coating during 'Seasoning Process' OK Joe Highland (Help!)

    I feel your pain Guitars N Smoke... The suggested paint has worked better than the factory replacement that was shipped to me. Good Luck! Cheers, Morgan.
  5. absinthedragon

    First Dragon Smoked Brisket!

    First night I used the shredded Brisket in some Tacos, and they were amazing! I will be experimenting with a few things this week to try the Brisket with, any suggestions are more than welcome! ;) Cheers, Morgan.
  6. First Dragon Smoked Brisket!

    First Dragon Smoked Brisket!

  7. absinthedragon

    First Dragon Smoked Brisket!

    Greetings SMF, This weekend I decided to try my hand at smoking a Brisket for the first time. I read a few forum posts on temps, process, etc. to prepare myself, and here is how I proceeded: Prepping the Brisket: I purchased a 6 lb Brisket (wanted to go small for my first one) from a local...
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  17. absinthedragon

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    Greetings everyone, Trying my first Brisket this weekend and decided to start small with a 6lb Corned Brisket. I have a OK Joe Highland and plan to follow the initial instructions that Dutch posted (thank you by the way). What is a good smoking temp to get it to 170 before wrapping it in foil...
  18. absinthedragon

    What's your occupation?

    I manage an Architectural Drafting Department for a Precast Concrete Wall Panel Manufacturer. Love what I do and the company and have been here 19 years!
  19. absinthedragon

    Suggested High Temp Paint?

    The only VHT I could find on Amazon was in metallic colors: But I did find this 2,000 Degree Exhaust in black: I'll keep my eyes open in my local auto stores. Thanks Wichita Chief!
  20. absinthedragon

    Suggested High Temp Paint?

    Thanks Hardcookin, I'll look into it! :)
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