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  1. ikinya6

    Just finished my best pork butt ever!

    I didn't think to take pics, sorry. Just was so proud of the meat I had to do little boasting. Got a fresh cut 10 pound shoulder, rubbed it in mustard and my homemade sweet and spicy rub. Set it in the hickory smoke at 195-220 for about 10 hours, then in a foil pan with apple juice, apple...
  2. ikinya6

    Finished too soon

    Last week, my ribs finished cooking about 2 hours before guests were supposed to arrive.  I left them in the smoker at just under 200, and they got a little dry.  They set up ok, and I could cut them pretty well, and the meat came off the bone very nicely.  Everyone loved them, of course, but...
  3. ikinya6


    I am glad there are so many of you here. Quick question... I smoked some ribs and tenderloin and stuffed/wrapped peppers yesterday for a party today. (They turned out AWESOME, too, btw... best ribs so far, and wife swears the pulled pork is the best she's tasted anywhere, hands down... and...
  4. ikinya6

    Dolphin and Wahoo?

    My friend just came back from So.Car. with some "dolphin" (mahimahi) and wahoo. I'm not a big fish eater (but I wanna be). I've learned to eat fish (when I have to) but never to really enjoy it. I want to enjoy this stuff, but haven't found any good smoking or grilling tips. Would these be...
  5. ikinya6

    Free Tickets to Country Fever

    I won a couple of one-day passes to Country Fever Festival in Pryor, OK for this weekend. I'd love to go, but can't. If there is anyone in or around the Fayetteville, AR area who would like them, let me know. If you live anywhere else and think they'll get to you in time thru the mail, I...
  6. ikinya6

    Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

    I drove the transit buses for the WalMart shareholders this week. Man, do they go all out. They got free samples of all this new stuff that hasn't hit the shelves yet. One of these was Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce. I hinted, then begged, then pleaded, then attempted to knock over an old lady, just to...
  7. ikinya6

    Smoking is ruining my life!

    Thanks a lot, guys! All I wanted when I started here was a little advice to help me not ruin so many ribs. But nooooo... you had to teach me how to make the best. Now I get stuck smoking 5 racks for my law school society picnic. Not huge, but expected about 30 adults, plus kids. Couldn't just...
  8. ikinya6

    Freezing meat

    I got a found a really good meat sale, but it may not be until next week before I get a chance to smoke it. Is it okay to freeze the raw meat? I'm sure there is something to be said about fresh meat, but is there a noticeable difference if it is frozen? Should I thaw it out completely before...
  9. ikinya6

    Need immediate help with getting heat

    HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!! I started the coals up about an hour ago in the firebox. The firebox is nice and hot, but the temp in the grill area wouldn't get past 100. I noticed there was a lot of heat near the firebox, so I turned the coal pan upside down to try to help it distribute. Now, I can't even...
  10. ikinya6

    Lawyer Jokes

    The man walks up to the pearly gates and rings the bell. Peter says, "Uh, can I help you?" "Yeah, I guess I'd like to get in." Peter says, "Uh, but aren't you a lawyer?" "Yeah" A little perplexed, Peter says, "Well, maybe you could tell me something noble you might have done." After thinking for...
  11. ikinya6

    Ghargrill cast iron grates

    My Char-Griller has the cast iron grill plates. When I was purchasing it, I thought, how cool is that! I love using cast iron cooking ware and know how to take care of it, keeping it seasoned and all. I seasoned them like I was used to with cast iron, and in accordance with the instructions...
  12. ikinya6

    Easy Onions

    I didn't see a posting for these, yet, so here goes. I don't recall where I got the idea for these, but I fix them just about every time I grill. Get a few medium sized yellow onions (vidalias are great). Don't worry about peeling them, or lopping off the stem end. Just quarter them. But...
  13. ikinya6

    Big Hey from Razorback Country

    I am a law student at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and excitedly purchased a barrel grill a few years ago. I insisted to my wife that I wanted the firebox attachment, as I was fixing to become the greatest smoker the world has ever known. Well, I got the firebox, but never...
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