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  1. wholesmoker

    Bacon help

    Hey yall, I want to smoke up some pork belly. I've been researching some stuff but having a hard time finding info on making regular old pork belly. Plenty of stuff out there on Canadian bacon though. I was reading a in a catalogue about some small company that smokes their bellies for up to...
  2. wholesmoker


    Well, here is my first pic I've promised for a while. This was last night just as we loaded a dozen each of rounds, and butts. Sorry, I'm not sure how to shrink my pic down to fit better (I'm a chef, not a computer guy). If you have tip on how I can post my pic smaller next time, let me know...
  3. wholesmoker

    Pic test

    testing inserting pic;
  4. wholesmoker

    Green apple wood?

    I'm going to be smoking commercially as some of you may know. My regional coordinator has decided that we will be using green apple wood for all our meat (no fish). He got this idea from some guy who runs a chain of bbq spots named Memphis BBQ, or something. I've never read anything about green...
  5. wholesmoker

    Fire Nuts

    Been looking up recipes for smoked nuts. Found two different methods. One calls for "marinating" the nuts in hot sauce and salt for at least 30 minutes, but most others suggest using cayenne or a spicy rub mix with salt and either butter, olive oil, or a combo. Was wondering if anyone has tried...
  6. wholesmoker

    My life started SMOKING!

    Hello all. New member here in a big way. First a little background; I love to cook. I attended professional culinary school and have been working as a Chef at an upscale restaurant. I was recently approached by a very large gourmet grocery chain. They are starting a new flagship store in my...
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