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  1. scott in kc

    Mixing Wood Types

    Rodger's advice on limited use of stronger woods is sound. It does also depend on the type of smoker you're using and the form of wood you're using. If you're using charcoal for heat and chunks or chips for wood, using some of both won't hurt anything as long as you use them in moderation. Too...
  2. scott in kc

    Smoked Pizza

    Cajunsmoker, great looking pie!! Doug, heat your stone on the grill as slowly as is practical, stones can crack. A properly heated pizza stone (500+) will make a hand tossed (NY style) pizza crust rim puff up like a freshly flipped flapjack (it's a beautiful thing).
  3. scott in kc

    How do you spray butter from a spray bottle???

    It's some where between difficult and impossible to get most spray bottle type rigs to "spray" (in a wide mist like pattern) oil based liquids. I have a 1 1/2 qt pressurized garden sprayer that will give a decent pattern to mixtures with oil in them, although I've never tried straight butter...
  4. scott in kc

    Round roast, so so

    Glad you enjoyed the sandwiches! Prime rib isn't the only beef that horseradish goes well with
  5. scott in kc

    Round roast, so so

    Eye of round is a tough lean cut from the hind quarter of the steer. It's a tough locomotion muscle that would be part of a ham on a pig. For smoking there are two options, cook rare-med rare ( 140 or less internal temp) and slice thin, OR take it up to 160 or so, wrap it up with some stock or...
  6. scott in kc

    3-2-1 Question on Temp

    Fat deposits, close proximity of bone lack of significant muscle mass make accurate temp measurements of ribs practically impossibe. With ribs its far better to go by look (meat pulling back) and feel (flexibility of the rack, looseness of bones) than an inaccurate temp.
  7. scott in kc

    Charcoal Smoker Modifications

    Mack, nice link with some good pics. The thermometer mod is a nice convience, but isn't really a big deal. Just a little experience with a cooker will tell you what the difference between the indicated temp and actual grate temps are. On my horz its 15 degrees, I got used to the difference...
  8. scott in kc


    smokeisgood, your offset isn't designed for extended unattended burns. Adding fuel every 30-60 mins is just the nature of that kind of beast. Wrapping-you can wrap by time (not the best idea) or temp (this is ok) but I've had the best results by wrapping when the bark looks like I want it to...
  9. scott in kc

    smoked turkey legs

    An acquaintence at another forum swears by cooking turkey legs 3-2-1.
  10. scott in kc

    What did I do wrong?

    Pudgy, here's 2 tricks that will help your turkey get done more evenly. Cut a slash at the base of the thigh joint before trussing. This will let the heat into the thigh area better. If you're going to truss, truss loosely as pulling the legs in tight makes it more difficult to get the thigh...
  11. scott in kc

    Cleaning Smoker

    Letting as much fat as possible run out of the cooker during the cook while it is still warm and liquid so it doesn't build up is best in my book. I really do little besides brushing the grates and an annual scraping of the bottom of the smoker. Too much in the way of cleaning disturbs the...
  12. scott in kc

    smoking a turkey for first time tomorrow!

    It will cook a little faster parted out than whole. Best of all, you'll be able to remove the breast meat as it gets done and not have to leave the white meat to get over done waiting on the dark meat to get done. I hate over cooking delicious white meat waiting for the gross dark meat to get...
  13. scott in kc

    Smoking with a gas grill

    rok, I did a lot of cooking using the gasser before I got my first offset cooker. I had the best luck using chips in foil (dry). I never had much luck with making a pouch, I just folded a large piece of HD foil over like a file folder and placed a small rock on top to keep the folder closed. I...
  14. scott in kc

    The Worst BBQ I make is the Best you ever Ate

    Welcome Jim, great to see you here friend!!
  15. scott in kc


    pudgy, Welcome neighbor!! You do have a lot on your plate, but fear not, you can do this, no problems. For a smoker, I would recommend a Weber Smokey Mountain. A high quality cooker that won't break the bank and has a relatively easy learning curve. Don't know where in KS you're located, but...
  16. scott in kc

    Choke Cherry

    Yes, there is a choke cherry bush and a choke cherry tree. The tree is dandy for smoking. I'm sure those that say the bush is no good for cooking are right.
  17. scott in kc

    Wait with the sauce

    For long cook items, you don't want too much of the wrong kind of sugar but in moderation some of the right kind is fine from the beginning. You put sugar in rubs for 2 reasons, sweet taste and bark development. The caramalization of sugars is what causes the spice mixture to crust up and...
  18. scott in kc

    New Smoker from Kansas City

    Mark, with a small offset cooker, charcoal and chunks of wood are a great way to get started. First off don't soak wood for a non gas or electric smoker ever. Second-Smoker is just a term used for a BBQ cooker. You NEVER want to see smoke billowing from you cooker. This is an indicator of "bad...
  19. scott in kc

    Ambient temp.....

    As long as ambient temps don't complicate your efforts to maintain temps, fuel consumption is the biggest difference between winter and summer smoking (here in the midwest we definitely have both!) Although temp doesn't make near as much difference as wind. Even when it's hot, wind will suck the...
  20. scott in kc

    Using foil Question

    I think a large % of the time "oversmoking" is experienced, it isn't due so much to too much smoke but too much bad smoke (any is too much) or too much of the wrong kind of smoke (from strong woods like mesquite or hickory). Cleanly combusted, properly seasoned wood, will produce the sweet blue...
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