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  1. johnnyreb

    heres another butt

    seems like everyone is doing pulled pork today just got mine on at 9am with a sweet and spicy rub i made from a couple of recipes using hickory for the smoke gonna finish with pecan on the back end going fat side down to speed up the bark process. i scored the fat cap so it should render nicely!
  2. johnnyreb

    Pot Roast

    i know this isnt grilled but check it! onions taters carrots and celery sauteed in hot DO removed then the chuck chuck seared on all sides removed the chuck and scraped all the good stuff from the DO and placed all back in DO with stock covered in oven at 250* will check back in...
  3. johnnyreb

    Hello Yall Ribs will be smokin today!

    i have not posted here in awhile so heres some ribs i have goin on today i trimmed and cut them to St louis style put a mix of webers kickin' chicken and some rub i found in the cabinet ribs on now with pecan smoke flowing
  4. johnnyreb

    BBQ 25

    if you dont have it yet get it !! its more about grilling but its a great book my weber kettle has been gettin a work out
  5. johnnyreb

    I want to see your home made 55 gallon drum GRILLS!!

    i am currently in the process of making a 55 gallon drum grill and i need pics/ ideas of the lid options, air intakes and frames i am thinking of making the lid a quarter instead of a half drum cut, how did yall do your air vents?
  6. johnnyreb

    turn your 22.5 kettle into a smoker

    i did these simple lil mods with stuff we all have around the house and my kettle cooked for 11 hours on one chimney of charcoal with no refueling!! i saw the mod on the virtual weber site first get 2 bricks, firebricks if you have them i didnt so i just used 2 red bricks place the bricks...
  7. johnnyreb

    magic dust

    sorry jeff i have your rub recipe but magic dust is killer...just pulled a pork loin off with magic dust and its awesome..when you first make it it may seem a little salty but the salt helps to draw out moisture and have kind of a brine effect without a brine
  8. johnnyreb

    ribs::bone side up or down?

    was at the book store and was looking at the Neely's book and they say they cook theirs bone side up to let the juice pool in the concave and that constantly bastes them. I have been cooking mine bone side down. What say you?
  9. johnnyreb

    S.O.B Meatloaf

    i have this in the drum now, will try to post pics later South of the border meatloaf (heh) 2 lbs ground beef 1 cup salsa 1 can refried beans 2 1/2 TBS mexican seasoning mix (recipe follows) 1/2 cup shredded mexican cheese combine all ingredients and smoke to 160* internal very easy and...
  10. johnnyreb

    weber customer support

    man Weber rocks.... i just got a 22.5 one touch gold that the bowl and lid were damaged on and i called customer support and they are sending out replacements...i am a Weber fan for life!!! thanks Weber!!!!!
  11. johnnyreb

    UDS exhaust stack

    should i put the exhaust in the middle or on the edge of the lid i have been putting them in the middle
  12. johnnyreb

    plain 'ol burgers

    just a few plain 'ol burgers with cheese
  13. johnnyreb

    seasonings for chicken sausage

    i bought some ground chicken the other day and wanted to make chicken sausage out of it, what are some seasonings i should use to make it, its probably 2 lbs
  14. johnnyreb

    London broil

    London broil was on sale at the store, how should i cook it... grill or indirect? i want to cook it like a big ole steak!!
  15. johnnyreb

    Ribs and sausage

    Ribs smoked with hickory and peach, i found the motherload of free peach wood close to my house that had been plowed up the rub is a modified version of magic dust ok heres some pics
  16. johnnyreb


    ribeyes, home made chips, pasta salad and a Yuengling !!! Supper !!!
  17. johnnyreb

    help with grilling cheap burgers

    i have about 40 of those cheap burgers in a box to cook tommorow. i know they are bad about flaring up. Would it be ok to cook them indirect with a hot fire? I have a big enough cooker i can get all 40 on at the same time
  18. johnnyreb

    Hot Tub Brats

    onions and peppers gettin happy gettin grill marks chillin at the spa time to eat yall!!!
  19. johnnyreb

    anyone have a good poultry rub?

    any of yall willing to share your poultry rub?
  20. johnnyreb

    unique rub ingredients

    what do you put in your rub that makes it unique/pop
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