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  1. gdp

    what to do with dead freezer?

    So I have a 14 ft3 freezer that died, freon leaking, and before I have it hauled away wanted to see if there is a use for it. For smoking or anything else you guys have thought of. Thanks for the comments in advance, as always!
  2. gdp

    Beer can smoke or not?

    So I used a beer can on a whole chicken last weekend for the 1st time with another bird next to it on my weber charcoal grill, using lump charcoal which I always do. I couldn't tell much diference between the 2 birds except the beer can didn't have grill marks and seemed to take longer to cook...
  3. gdp

    best casing size for most sausages

    Newbie here. I've made a few batches of hot dogs and sticks, and now ready to step up and make "middle size" sausages like italian, brats, boudin for sure, etc. The issue I have is that I like buying an entire hank for the quality but a hank might last me a year or 2 or 3 at the rate I make...
  4. gdp

    stuffer handle location preference?

    I've got a short list of stuffers I want to buy, 1st time buyer, and curious if any of you have a preference for the handle location to the stuffing nozzle. Some are 90 degrees apart and others 180 degrees apart. I'm right handed and imagine using the right to crank and left to guide the...
  5. gdp

    hanging sausage in WSM

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I didn't find anything. I like to do hot dogs and snack sticks on my 18in WSM and can only get about 4.5 lbs coiled on the 2 racks. I'd like to find a way to hang the meat vertically and take advantage of all the empty space between the racks. Should be...
  6. gdp

    all pork hot dog or snack sticks?

    Does anyone make hot dogs or snack sticks from 100% pork butt? Does it take a different recipe than all beef? I'm new at this and made both items recently from all chuck roast that was great. Now I have a pork butt and wanting to do something that involves using some of the yards of 22-24mm...
  7. gdp

    trouble controlling temps

    I have an 18.5 WSM that I've only used 3 times, so that may be that I'm too impatient. The last 2 smokes were snack sticks and I really have a hard time controlling the temp at the lower temperatures. I've realized I put in too much coals at the beginning but still had trouble last time with...
  8. gdp

    What is the order of adding cure and seasonings

    Admin please delete. I found the answer elsewhere. I'm about to do my first casing product, hot dogs and snack sticks, this weekend and see conflicting advice on the order of grinding, adding cure, and adding seasoning. Or does it even matter? Some people add it all before grinding, some add...
  9. gdp

    lump charcoal for the snake technique?

    I use lump charcoal exclusively in my Weber kettle and just recently learned about the "snake" method for low and slow cooking, but everything I see about it uses briquettes. Does anyone use lump with the snake method and does it work well? What brand have you tried that works or doesn't? FYI...
  10. gdp

    burn grey seasoned wood?

    Dumb question. I have some crabapple wood that been outside a year or more and just realized I can use it for smoking. The ends of the pieces have the gray color that wood gets eventually, just on the exposed ends, the rest of the pieces look good as it was under the bark that I can peel off...
  11. gdp

    little dry

    So I did my 1st fatties last weekend with scrambled eggs, provolone, sautéed onion/yellow pepper/mushrooms. Used elk/pork sausage and thin bacon wrap on the outside. They turned out great except they were a little dry inside. The eggs and veggies were about 85% cooked before rolling and the...
  12. gdp

    elk stock for sausage?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm new to the forum and going to try making some sausage for the first time as well. I make my own elk stock from bones and was wondering how that would work for the water in sausage. Bad idea? Maybe good for certain types of sausage? Maybe not good to...
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