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  1. cheech

    Do you have a recipe in Jeff's book and going to be at MIM

    I would love to have those who have a recipe in Jeff's book and going to be at Memphis in May to sign my copy. If you are going to be there and willing to sign your page please let me know.
  2. cheech

    Help find a great place to eat in Dallas

    Looking for a great place to eat in Dallas can anyone give me any suggestions? I am looking for a real Texas BBQ place.
  3. cheech

    How do you ship Q to friends across country?

    I have some friends that have asked me to ship them some of my Q. How do you ship it with out it going bad? Will dry ice be good enough?
  4. cheech

    Still available: Free Apple Wood

    I still have access to apple wood. Here are some pictures of what is available for free. PM me if you are interested.
  5. cheech

    How do you smoke a whole pig?

    I have dug all over the place to find tips and tricks for smoking a whole hog. I can not find any information on how to roast a pig. 1. I have learned that a good idea for keeping the pig cool to use a kiddy pool filled with ice until you are ready to smoke it. 2. Score the skin to help the...
  6. cheech

    Given some bear meat now what?

    My uncle dropped off some bear meat and said feel free to smoke it however you want. How do I smoke this for him? Please help.
  7. cheech

    "Burnie"now has a toupee

    Just added a roof to my smoker this afternoon. Tired of always standing out in the rain.
  8. cheech

    Free Apple wood to cut

    If you are interested I have a lead on some free apple wood if you want to cut it down. There are like 7 acres that need to be cut and we can leave the branches on the ground and cut down to the stump. Let me know if you are interested
  9. cheech

    Mahi Mahi

    Has anyone ever smoked Mahi Mahi? I just received a bunch that a friend wants me to smoke for him.
  10. cheech


  11. cheech

    Use the fire box to heat water

    I am building a new rig and would like to use the firebox to heat up water for my sink etc. If I wrap the outside with copper tubing will that work? Will there be an issue of creating steam if it is a closed system? Ideas?
  12. cheech

    SMF Gathering hats, shirts and aprons

    http://www.companycasuals.com/msforums Please use the above link for your 2008 SMF gathering hats, shirts and aprons. Once on the page please click on the hat to bring you to the main page. Questions just pm me. Cheech Official outfitter for the 2007, 2008 SMF gatherings
  13. cheech

    Smoked Salt

    When I look at the smoked salt in the store it is almost black but when I do it the salt is lighter and not as strong smell to it. I placed on a tray and move it around any thoughts on how to make it?
  14. cheech

    Taste of Grand Rapids SMF gathering

    July 25, 2008 is the Taste of Grand Rapids BBQ contest. While there are usually a few of us that get together how about this year we set up a mutual meeting time? Any one interested in having a "get together" based around the contest?
  15. cheech

    Can you name this smoker?

    I have someone that I bumped into that has this smoker. Do you know what brand this is?
  16. cheech

    Big time bummer

    Had a bag of frozen goose breast slide down and open my freezer door with out me knowing it and basically wasting close to 300# of smoked and raw meat! Makes me sick!
  17. cheech

    Second Annual Gathering

    Should we plan for a second annual party or is that not in the plan?
  18. cheech

    Step by step on how to post pictures

    I have seen a thread on how to post pictures Can some one give me a good step by step or point me to the thread that I saw before
  19. cheech

    La Caja China

    Has anyone ever used a La Caja China before? http://www.lacajachina.com/ My friend mentioned that he could get his hands on one for me fairly cheap. I know it is not a smoker but what are your thoughts.
  20. cheech

    Today's fish smoke

    Got a few fillets to smoke today. Some are going to get hit with Dutch's maple glaze and the others will go with the old stand by brine
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