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  1. dannylang

    Salt free rubs

    Looking for some flavorful salt free rubs, any help will be appricated. dannylang
  2. dannylang

    Peanut butter ribs

    Doing a little research and saw a peanut butter rib, anyone ever heard of this. The rear hand I done says to smoke the ribs with salt and pepper, then add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to thicken up the sauce and adds flavor. Don’t know if I am gonna try it, but sounds different, most people...
  3. dannylang

    Fire management question

    Wondering what you fellows use to pick up splits after they have burned a little, and you need to pull all the splits together in your smokers. My offset smoker is a pain in the butt to get your splits back together after it been burning for a while. I try to use my trusty ol poker, but it seems...
  4. dannylang

    Help on a pork butt

    I seen in the past, where someone cut a butt into 4 pieces and smoked. Trying to add more flavor to it by having more bark. I am going to try the Chris Lilly 5 time world champion pork shoulder injection then use Jeff’s Texas rub. Smoke at 225 degrees until internal temps reach 195- 200 degrees...
  5. dannylang

    smoked wrapped chicken gizzards

    i say what trolly1 done last week with his chicken livers, and i like gizzards and had to try it. thanks trolly. heres the gizzards here, with the bacon. may sure you go through all the gizzards and wash them good, make sure to look them over and pull off the green looking junk on some of them...
  6. dannylang

    hey whats everybody doing for labor day?

    what kind of smokes is going on for labor day? me just some shrimp tacos. just wondering what my forum buddies are doing. dannylang
  7. dannylang

    heres my stuffed chicken thighs

    i wrote a thread here earlier this week on stuffed chicken thighs, so i went bought a family pack of bone in thighs, pulled off skin, and deboned the thigh. then brined it in the brine bucket i have. let these brine in the old brine bucket for about 4 hours, pulled them out and beat them...
  8. dannylang

    Help on stuffed chicken

    Looking this weekend to smoke some stuffed chicken, wanting to stuff some stove top stuffing on either some breast or thighs, thinking of pounding it flat, making the stuffing, then put it into the pounded breast or thigh then wrapping it with bacon. Which one would be better the breast or...
  9. dannylang

    how clean do you keep your smoker?

    i am a person who likes to keep my smoker as clean as i can, i will clean it as clean as i possible can, i know you probally dont have to be as crazy as i am but i like my smoker clean, so none of the food i serve my family is the best it can be. i looked at videos on u tube and it makes me sick...
  10. dannylang

    Help on a pellet smoker

    I have been smoking for quite a while on a stick burner, Lang 36 patio, looking to simplify the process. Is there any pellet smokers out there that will produce the same quality of food as a stick burner does, and not have to watch the smoker for temp fluxuation.
  11. dannylang


    Anyone here ever smoked any salmon candy, i see Jen has it on his web site. Looking for some input, any would be appreciated thanks in advance.
  12. dannylang

    All these new ads

    What’s the deal with all these new ads here on the forum, seems like it takes me 3 times as long to post something, pretty annoying
  13. dannylang

    Stuffed chicken thighs

    Looking for what all you fellows stuff your chicken thighs with, over the weekend I smoked chicken thighs stuffed with Pablano pepper and cream cheese. Looking for more options. Just wondering what the forum friends are using?
  14. dannylang

    Cornish hens

    Looking to smoke some Cornish hens this weekend. Never smoked any of these, a lot of chickens though. Looking for any suggestions. Thinking of rubbing it down with with maple syrup and putting on Jeff’s rub. Is the internal temp any different than 165-170.still looking for any suggestions...
  15. dannylang

    Bitter taste on skin

    Smoked a 1/2 chicken and a spatchcocked chicken, waited till my smoker got up to temp, white smoke turned to light blue, before adding the meat. Every time I opened the smoker I would spritz it with white grape juice. Fist time I tried this, will the smoke from the smoker stick to the spritz...
  16. dannylang

    jeffs maple chicken

    smoking a maple chicken today from jeffs recipes. man this chicken lookin good, about 158 now, cant wait until its ready. anybody done one of jeffs maple chicken? dannylang
  17. dannylang

    how long

    got a crazy question today, being easter is here. lots of people will be smoking food.how long do you fellows wait to put your food on smoker after the fire has started? dannylang
  18. dannylang

    Pork butt wrapped in bacon

    Anyone here ever smoked a butt wrapped in bacon, or even smoked wrapped in bacon fixed up as pork candy.
  19. dannylang

    Having problems getting flavors deep into my pork butt

    I have had problems smoking butts every since I started smoking food, maybe 10 years or so, here’s my way I do it, maybe you can help me. First I brine it in a salt, brown sugar, bay leaves solution for 6-8 hours, then I rub down with my favorite rub, wrap it and put in fridge, then sometimes I...
  20. dannylang

    Sausage rub on pork butt

    Just wondering anyone ever used sausage seasoning on a pork butt or a pork shoulder.
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