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  1. alexqc

    Business plan - Need opinions

    Thank you for your reply! About the travel/gas to deliver the product to the restaurant, i tought i could charge additionnal fee to the customer to deliver, to cover gas and car fee. Should i just add the delivery fee directly to the price of my product? I've already found the price of the...
  2. alexqc

    Business plan - Need opinions

    Hey guys, I tought i could share with you a part of my buisness plan, since there is alot of great people around here that could probably give me some great advice. First of all, i live in the province of Québec (btw sorry for my English). Here in Québec, we have small restaurents in pretty...
  3. alexqc


    Hey people, I have a question about making snack sticks. I have made a few batches in the past, they all turned out pretty good. After grinding and mixing the meat with all the ingrédients, i usually stuff them in casing then let them rest in the fridge for a night before smoking them the next...
  4. alexqc

    Question about reheating ribs.

    Hey guys, In about 4 weeks i am going on a fishing trip for a few days with my familly. I planned to serve smoked baby back ribs one night. The thing is that I wont have a smoker there. My familly likes FOTB ribs. So my plan is to smoke ribs at home, freeze them, then reheat them when we are...
  5. alexqc

    Nfdm question

    Thanks for the info, the problem is that i live in Canada. I cant find that kind of nfdm in any sausage supply companies that i found. Maybe it has another name around here?
  6. Nfdm question

    Nfdm question

  7. alexqc

    Nfdm question

    Hey guys, i am having trouble finding nfdm around here to make sausage. But i found this : Would you guys use that as nfdm? Thank you!!
  8. carnation-fat-free-sansgras-instant-skim-milk-powd


  9. alexqc

    My new pit/smokehouse/offset firebox design

    Really nice smoker! I am thinking about modifying mine to be like yours since i had some trouble with mine. I would like to know, what Kind of heat do you use in your smoker? Wood? Charcoal? Propane? Do you only put the heat source in the small box right next to your smoker? Can you...
  10. alexqc

    Bacon and Canadian Bacon

    In the last week, i had alot of fun with my smoker. I made some bacon and some Canadian bacon. I used bears step by step recipe for the Canadian bacon and for a part of the belly. I also used pops brine for the other part of the belly. I smoked the belly for about 7hours at about 125F...
  11. Bacon and Canadian Bacon

    Bacon and Canadian Bacon

  12. IMG_20150927_210811.jpg


  13. IMG_20150927_210832.jpg


  14. IMG_20150926_125326.jpg


  15. IMG_20150927_210837.jpg


  16. IMG_20150923_214032.jpg


  17. alexqc

    Smoked Bacon ( step by step with Qview )

    Thanks for the advice! I will only warm smoke then! I've done some of your step by step recipe and everything turned awesome so far!
  18. alexqc

    Smoked Bacon ( step by step with Qview )

    I have a question about smoking bacon. I just removed my pork belly from the cure this morning. I planned to smoke it tomorrow morning from 5:30 to 13:00. I was wondering if i could start smoking it tonight at like 23:00 without any heat, and then when i wake up tomorrow morning, i would heat...
  19. Canadian Bacon Dry Cured (Step by Step)

    Canadian Bacon Dry Cured (Step by Step)

  20. alexqc

    Canadian Bacon Dry Cured (Step by Step)

    So i've tried your Canadian bacon step by step! It is really good!! Girlfriend asked me a slice to taste it after it was out of the smoker. I think she would have ate it all of she could. She loved it!! Here are some pics Frying test The result Thanks alot for this step by step recipe!!
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