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  1. BandCollector

    Comfort Food For The Soul !

    With the holidays over I already miss creating tasty concoctions. Sooooo since I have the day off I decided to make my favorite comfort food. . . Halupkis! Separating the leaves from the cabbage heads Beef & Pork NOTE: The dark spot on the Eye of Round is a speck of parsley, not a...
  2. BandCollector

    Testing Avatar and Screen Name inclusion

    @BandCollector @Bearcarver @smokerjim Success. . .It worked!
  3. BandCollector

    Including other members' Avatars and screen names in post

    Recently I posted my smoked cheese procedure (Cheese. . .Cheese. . . Oh Cheese!) and received several likes from several members. At the time I thanked them for the likes I found a thread that explained how to include their avatar and screen name in my post but for the life of me I can't...
  4. BandCollector

    Cheese. . . Cheese. . . Ohhhhhhh. . . Cheese!

    It was a great day here in Western Pennsylvania for smoking the stash of cheese I have been collecting all summer. Presently 32˚ with a high temp of 45˚. Over the years I have grown most partial to Cheddar and Swiss, so the two pound blocks always available at Walmart were the perfect choice...
  5. BandCollector

    Fathers' Day Pizzapaloza!

    Was sent a video by the company from which I purchased my baking steel plates which I normally use in my oven to bake pizzas. In the tutorial it showed how to convert your gas grill into a pizza oven. Well, I must say, not only was I intrigued but completely surprised as to how easy it was to...
  6. BandCollector

    1970s Dance/Party

    My wife and I are attending a 70s dance party and were asked to either bring a dish that was popular that decade or to dress in a 1970s outfit. Since I no longer fit in my plaid bell bottoms, I have decided to bring a dish from those days. Thinking back, I really cannot remember anything that...
  7. BandCollector

    What are Robots?

    Pardon my ignorance but I noticed this: Total: 734 (members: 19, guests: 496, robots: 219) in the "Members Online Now" section along the right side of the home page. What are Robots? I'm sure they are not like R2D2. Right? Thanks to the computer savvy, John
  8. BandCollector

    Help With Editing Conversations (PMs)

    When responding to posted threads there is an edit button at the bottom of your thread if corrections or additions need to be made to your post. Makes it easy to make any corrections if necessary. But with Conversations there is an Edit Conversation button at the top of the page which only...
  9. BandCollector

    New to Rotisserie Chicken. . . Success ! Pictures as Proof!

    Hi Guys, Even though I have done many turkeys and chickens in my smokers I have never done one on my Broilmaster Propane Grill with a rotisserie. I fabricated a rotisserie for my grill and plan on roasting a 5.40 lb roaster chicken tomorrow for dinner. The problem is that I have never used...
  10. BandCollector

    Is Big Brother Watching Or What?

    I have noticed that many of the newer members (and a few veteran members) here on the site choose to not list anything about themselves on their profile page. Is this because they don't want to reveal any personal details or that they simply haven't taken the time to fill out the profile page...
  11. BandCollector

    Big Chief's Cheesy Inaugural

    Since it was a beautiful sunny day here in Pittsburgh (ambient temperature of 37˚) I thought it would be a good time to give my Craig's List Big Chief find a spin. Not bad for $50, Huh? I have smoked several varieties of cheese but have grown partial to the smoked Cheddar and Swiss. These...
  12. BandCollector

    Miss My Greek Mom's Halupkis

    When I saw Bear's post regarding his Birthday Halupkis it made me wonder: Growing up in the small steel town of Homestead PA we had a large population of Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian families. Wonderful hard working, kind, and friendly people. Many of my childhood friends were from...
  13. BandCollector

    Moderators? ( Helpful stuff here)

    I had an ad in the Classified Ads Forum and the item has been sold. Instead of the ad "hanging on" I would like to delete it but cannot do that myself and do not know how to contact the Moderator of the Forum to ask for his help. Can anyone tell me how one identifies what Moderators...
  14. BandCollector

    Pittsburgh Mini Weber Smokey Mt. Smoker/Grill (SOLD)

    Mini has been SOLD. If necessary Moderator may delete this Ad. Thanks for looking, John Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Anyone local and interested can pick it up at my home. Not local? I can ship at your expense. Custom Made Mini Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker/Grill Perfect for Tailgating...
  15. BandCollector

    Weber Kettle Generic Slow & Sear

    For the life of me I cannot remember who posted a thread showing his home made Slow & Sear made from a large cookie sheet (did a search and everything) but it inspired me to make one for my Weber 22.5 Kettle. Needed something to direct the heat more efficiently for my indirect heating and this...
  16. BandCollector

    Woodwind Finally Seasoned!

    The weather has finally cooperated where it wasn't raining, snowing, or temps in the single digits. It's 70˚ here in Pittsburgh so I decided to season my Camp Chef Woodwind that I purchased in October. . . . What a pleasure to see that it actually is smoking away and preparing itself for all my...
  17. BandCollector

    My Big Chief Addition

    Since I retired and sold my MES 40 I decided to get another smoker that was as easy to use with my AMNPS. Well luckily enough this Big Chief fell into my lap. I was inspired by Daveomak and found this one on Craig's List for $50.00. How lucky can one guy get. . . . It also came with a...
  18. BandCollector

    Seafood Diablo BandCollector Style

    After checking out Tropics scallop dish I decided to share one with you as well. When visiting my sister-in-law in Maryland she took my wife and me out to dinner to a restaurant called Timbuktu. I had a pasta dish called Seafood Diablo. I enjoyed it so much I tried to replicate it and must say...
  19. BandCollector

    New Profile Posts

    Can anyone fill me in on exactly what the New Profile Posts (which appears on the right side of the home page) is. The postings cannot be accessed and I can't quite figure what its purpose is. Thanks, John
  20. BandCollector

    Username Correction

    How can I go about changing my username from bandcollector to BandCollector? I have searched and cannot find an edit feature on my profile page. I realize it's a little thing and it would have been a gargantuan feat for those refurbishing the websight to keep everyone's username intact but it...
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