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  1. mike243

    Happy New Years

  2. mike243

    New 6 probe Inkbird problem

    So fired up ye ol pellet smoker, I had bought a brisket at a really good price awhile back and took a little off to make burgers. That was really good but had most of it left, I separated the flat from the point wrapped and froze. Defrosted and put on this morning with 3 probes connected, 2 for...
  3. mike243

    4+2=6 Butts

    smoked 2 Butts Wednesday night after cutting each 1 in 1/2 to reduce cook time. Just got thru smoking 4 more that I left whole, these are headed to my wife's work where they are having a contest. May not be the best but man its some good eats lol , on a side note, cutting them in 1/2 didn't...
  4. mike243

    Pulled Pork

    Got 3 Butts on for my wife's work family, made up some finishing sauce per everybody's favorite here, will have to test drive a sandwich for breakfast when I pull them shortly , anybody buy 1 of the tools you use a drill with to shred meat with? will it work for beef chicken ect? , I see 1 with...
  5. mike243

    And So It Begins

    20lbs of pork butt rubbed and put on the Pellet Smoker
  6. mike243

    Whole Sirloin Tip ,

    Had the wife pu 1 yesterday,separated it into 3 whole muscles this morning. Froze the smaller 1 that had some fat on it. Spg on both snd plan on cooking it to slice this for sandwiches, got them on the Austin at smoke setting P5 , wife dont do red so somewhere between 160-170 i will ck the...
  7. mike243

    Food Safety While Eating Out

    The wife and I are on vacation this week, stopped yesterday to get a quick bite at the local Waffle House, was watching and waiting for our food to get cooked when I started watching the cook. Noticed she was wearing the prescribed gloves but raw meats to the griddle then move over and make...
  8. mike243

    Lowe’s pellet Clearance

    $2.40 a bag of Kngsford,bought 8 bags mostly competition but cherry and oak, sorry w Knoxville oak is inly thing left lmao
  9. mike243

    Las Minute CSRthem

    I had bought a large pack of country style ribs and had put 1/2 of them in the crock pot with kraut,wanted to hot grill the rest but working OT ruined those plans. Got home at 730 pm fired up the PB at 200. Slapped some rub your but rub on them let them go till 3am. Got up early to go on a drawn...
  10. mike243

    Testing Amazin Oval Tube

    fired the PBAXL up on 300,put 3/4 of a cup of LJ hickory prllets in it and lit it. 3 minutes later blowed out and put on the smoker, returned 3-5 minutes and it was out. Poured them into a glass measuring cup and nuked for 1 minute.throwed it back in there,5 minutes later still smoking when I...
  11. mike243

    Brisket on the pellet grill

    Pu a 17+lbs brisket at Kroger for about $34, also found a shaker of jeffs rub at a discount clearance store. Rubbed with mustard and a heavy coat of Jeffs Texas style a little xtra fesh ground pepper and a quick twist of smoked chili sea salt.got the Austin set on smoke and p5, LJ hickory pellets.
  12. mike243

    First brisket on the Austin

    Put a brisket on that started life a little over 14lb. Coated with honey mustard and a rub i will name latter if I like it lol
  13. mike243


    Is it possible for 2 different smokers run the same pellets and get 2 different smoke profiles/tastes ? . Run them at same temps some state higher ??? burn wood,circulate heat/smoke in chamber,vent smoke ? ,Trying to determine why/if paying 2x=5x more for a smoker can make them cook better and...
  14. mike243


    Never heard of this company before and refuse to look up to see what they are,a article in this mornings paper tell me all I need to know, https://www.knoxnews.com/story/money/nation-now/2018/07/14/wework-bans-meat-employees-expensing-meals-company-events/785409002/
  15. mike243

    Biscuit Test

    I have read about folks testing their pits with biscuits,since its breakfast time I have thrown 4 on the pit 1 on each corner,fired up with LJ pecan with the temps set at 225 cooking 2 pork butts.they are Grands frozen and have never tried this before and may be the only taste test I do with...
  16. mike243

    Pellet Review Thread

    Been going thru some pages trying to see what brand and flavor of wood pellets folks are using takes a while,thought maybe we might make 1 thread then add to it as to how you liked or disliked them,I will start and not related to any pit maker or pellet maker lol I will list what I have used...
  17. mike243

    6.33 lbs Butt

    OK throwed Rub Some Butt on a butt that was slathered with yellow mustard.Fired up the pellet burner set at smoke #6 and will run it for 2-3 hrs then move to 225 or so,any body want to hazard a guess as to when it might hit 205?,I put both probes in 1 on each side of the bone just to see what...
  18. mike243

    Late Start

    Son was hit headon rite before midnight and didn’t get in til after 4 this morning,he will be ok though
  19. mike243

    Fried Smoked Taters & onions

    Other family members want a baked potato I wanted something different
  20. mike243

    Chickens at 350

    Picked up 2 yard birds from Kroger yesterday that were a little over 3lbs each.Sorry no pictures due to rushing supper but had great flavor and I got plenty of smoke,I had bumped up the P setting 1 notch previously but have read others here that that only affects unit while in smoke mode? ran...
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