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  1. Bigtank

    Pork Tenderloin (not loin)

    I have a pork tenderloin that I would like to cure into something other than Canadian Bacon. I'm looking for ideas?
  2. Bigtank

    Cure # 1 Question

    Can you use cure #1 at the 156 ppm rate with 2% salt for beef round to make dried beef?
  3. Bigtank

    Pellet Grill Advice

    I personally like MBC Maple, Beach & Cherry. You might like the blend OHC Oak, Hickory & Cherry or just Oak or Hickory Straight.
  4. Bigtank

    Pellet Grill Advice

    Glad to here it. What did you use for pellets?
  5. Bigtank

    First batch of cold smoked jumbo scallops.

    Looks delish! I would never have thought of smoked scallops, but now I want to try.
  6. Bigtank

    Brisket Stall Help

    ^^^^^^What AL said^^^^^^
  7. Bigtank

    Low Sodium Bacon Recipe

    Tender Quick has more salt. I use it on my dried beef and do not ad any more salt. Below is my 1st attempt recipes at reduced sodium bacon all percentages are of the meat weight. They will go in the smoker tomorrow. Reduced Salt Bacon #1 0.25% Pink Cure #1 (Prague powder etc. that has 6.25%...
  8. Bigtank

    Low Sodium Bacon Recipe

    You're welcome to the recipe, I hope mother does well. Mine is ready to smoke, I plan to do it either today or tomorrow. I will post results.
  9. Bigtank

    Hi from Central PA!

    Welcome from Iowa
  10. Bigtank

    Beignets ~ Foamheart

    Can you share the dough recepie for the Beignets?
  11. Bigtank

    Cutting Board Builds

    Beautiful, makes me want to do the same.
  12. Bigtank

    Pork Tenderloin ?

    I picked a couple of Pork Tenderloins (not loins) at Costco over the weekend. I'm not sure what to do with them. I've never cooked them before any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Bigtank

    BBQ Jam Burgers!

    Wonderful BBQ Jam
  14. Bigtank

    1st Dried Beef

    Thanks you and to the other members of your family for your service.
  15. Bigtank

    1st Dried Beef

    My slicer is a chard 8.6" I picked up for $159 at mills fleet farm It works ok but I wouldn't get another one I would probably step up to a Chef's Choice or this one https://www.webstaurantstore.com/avantco-sl309-9-manual-gravity-feed-meat-slicer-1-4-hp/177SL309.html
  16. Bigtank

    Cheers from Texas

    Welcome from the frozen tundra of North Iowa. I like your simple seasoning I add a little garlic & onion powder + a little crushed rosemary. I don't spritz but I do wrap.
  17. Bigtank

    Are all pellets created equal?

    I aggree that's why I use Smoke Ring very low dust. My favorite is MBC Maple/Beech/Cherry A mild blend that combines three sweet woods giving an amazing flavor to anything you cook. Goes well with everything. If I can't find Smoke Ring pellets my 2nd choice is Lumber Jack and in a pinch I will...
  18. Bigtank

    1st Dried Beef

    I've had had dried venison before and it was very good. Any lean cut would work good, sirloin tip roast looks like it would be good but its usually much higher priced. I picked this eye of round at Walmart I think it was $3.99lb I don't hunt much any more but would love to see how elk or moose...
  19. Bigtank

    1st Dried Beef

    Thanks its my first time on the carousel
  20. Bigtank

    New to the forum from Michigan

    Welcome from the frozen tundra of North Iowa
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