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  1. radioguy

    Vacuum canning, brine in your pump??

    I'm up to my ears in cucumbers this summer. I've been making vacuum packed dills. I have to thank SmokinAl for his recipe and pickle thread. I am using Al's recipe just modified for my liking. I am using the food saver brand jar sealers for both narrow and wide mouth jars. Problem is I...
  2. radioguy

    You get what you pay for

    Snack sticks have been a big hit with the family. Seeing the cost of casings, I shopped around for 19mm mahogany collagen. The ones I was using are about $15 for 25lb. I a found less expensive ones at Dirt Cheap Casings dot com. Of all places, can't make this up. Their price is about $10...
  3. radioguy

    Lang 60 inch Deluxe SOLD

    This unit has been taken care of. It has fed a lot of people. I am selling it for a dear friend's widow. It could use a coat of paint, but it is ready to go. Includes Lang spare tire, rib racks. Fireplace tools, extinguisher, ash bucket. Wheel bearings just serviced. Asking $2800...
  4. radioguy

    Hot n Fast Brisket today

    Doing a 15 lb brisket for my sons bonfire party tonight. Rack of ribs for our dinner tonight . Brisket trimmed and injected with beef broth, pepper garlic mix. I like using better than bouillon beef base mixed with a bit of water. I'll use that base as a rub then add four peppers to the...
  5. radioguy

    New snack stick flavors

    Made up 25 lb. beef sticks this morn. Trying Waltons bloody Mary, gigawatt hot, teriyaki mixes....love the gigawatt on the test fry. Now to smoke it, dry over the next few days. I can only hang about 5 pounds in the electric. I'll post a few pics when I cook it. This is my second 25#...
  6. radioguy

    First snack sticks, suggestions???

    Last winter I did my first sausage. Kielbasa, bratwurst, breakfast links. Now I want to try my hand at smoked snack sticks. They are always a welcome treat in this house. I've been doing some reading and figured I'd do a post here. Meat? Beef or beef/pork mix? Casings? What type...
  7. radioguy

    Home Brew Rib Racks

    A friend of mine had some of these for his cooker. I grabbed one and took a few pictures to make some for myself. Real simple, use #9 flat mesh, 1/4" rod. I drew a pattern on my weld table to make sure I had angles, lengths right. I bent the rod in my vise using some 5/8" rods as pivots...
  8. radioguy

    Rib Cook Off Columbus Ohio (Sunbury) Sunday July 21st

    This is a very friendly, low pressure competition. My church holds a rib cook off each year in Sunbury, Ohio. This is a different type of competition. We do it in conjunction with a concert on the square, to serve the local community. We do not do it to make money rather to show the love of...
  9. radioguy

    Lefty gets new shoes....trailer

    I've been cooking on "Lefty" for a while. Learned fire and heat control and have made many a meal on this cooker. I'm no Engineer just a do it myself type of guy. I sized the axle too small (.75") and it is starting to bend a bit. This cooker is heavy, not too bad if I keep it on the...
  10. radioguy

    Rib Cook Off Columbus (Sunbury) Sunday July 21st

    Guys,My church holds a rib cook off each year in Sunbury Ohio. This is quite a different type of competition. We do it in conjunction with a concert on the square. We do not do it to make money rather to show the love of Christ and outreach to our local community. Rib cook only, no...
  11. radioguy

    Wet aging brisket??

    I'm wondering how many of you age your brisket in the refer? I just read a thread that got me thinking about aging brisket. I'm just talking about buying it in a cryo pack and letting it "wet" age. Is there any advantage? It it worth it? I get most of my briskets from Costco, prime. I'm...
  12. radioguy

    Pretty good APP for finding sale pricing

    Hey I wanted to share this Smartphone app, its called FLIPP. All you do is give it your zip code and it returns all the weekly sales brochures in your area. You can mark favorite stores and search for items. No more paging through those brochures. It has digital coupons and a lot of other...
  13. radioguy

    Like my new Lem

    Just a quick post. I made 15lbs breakfast sausage with the new Lem 1606. First time with sheep casings . Had some learning curve but before long it all was stuffed. I do need some more practice on the linking. Really do like the AC Legg #10 mix. RG
  14. radioguy

    Sausage need a little help

    This is my first attempt with stuffing sausage. I've got the casings thing under control thanks to reading here. I'm using a grinder attachment on my kitchen aide mixer with a horn / tube. I just finished on 12lbs of kielbasa and it took a very long time. I had to use the push stick a lot...
  15. radioguy

    Sous vide Beef Ribs

    Sorry don't have very many pictures, but I did want to share some details as these ribs were my first ones in the sous vide and soo good! I really do like my beef ribs. I call them brisket on a Bone! Started off with about a 4lb 4 bone roast. Trimmed fat well, and rub with EVO, Chicago...
  16. radioguy

    NYE Roadside Chicken wings were a hit

    Inspired by DirtSailor2003, roadside chicken recipe >> http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/213869/roadside-chicken  Kudos to Case. I made these for a potluck NYE party that we attend.  I changed the recipe a bit as I did not want them to be too vinegary.  Everyone liked them and no leftovers...
  17. radioguy

    Recommendations for first sausage

    It's time to make some sausage.  Santa left me an all stainless grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer.  What type of sausage would a good one to try on my first go around?  Any recipe suggestions?  Where to purchase casings and supplies?   I am considering a small Vivo stuffer.  All...
  18. radioguy

    Differant way to cook BACON

    Ran across this on you-tube, had to share, "Gun Grill" M16 Bacon Cooker! Pretty expensive give the cost of ammo these days. RG
  19. radioguy

    First Buckboard Bacon with Pops Brine Should I cold or warm smoke it?

    I just gotta have some bacon!  Pork bellies are had to find at a "good" price, I decided to give BBB a try.   Getting ready to smoke this soon.  Shall I cold smoke or warm smoke?   Any advice would be appreciated.  Planning on loading up the AMNPS with mix of hickory and maple. Bone-in...
  20. radioguy

    Can I use enhanced Pork Shoulder/ Butt for Buckboard Bacon?

    Got a good deal on shoulder butts, $1.25 lb.  These are "enhanced"  by a solution of up to 3% water, salt and sodium phosphates.  Would these be good to use for buckboard bacon?  I have been wanting to cold smoke bacon before the weather gets too warm and cannot find a good deal on pork...
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