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  1. Biggy1


    Has anyone made any Chappell Hill Sausage or have a copycat of the ingredients that they add?
  2. Biggy1

    Texas Hot Links Recipe

    On the Texas Hot Links recipe it has 5#'s and then it has 6.5#'s , just want to make sure! Thanks in advance!👍
  3. Biggy1

    Soy protein concentrate

    Sausage makers instructions says add 1 cup per 5 # I have 10#s so how much water will I need to add?
  4. Biggy1

    Boudin without cure #1,

    I'm not sure how to store boudin after stuffing, I made 5#'s without cure and want to know after stuffing do I poach it for 10 minutes put in ice water and into the freezer?
  5. Biggy1

    Seasoned pork ribs

    I washed and seasoned ribs Friday and wrapped them in plastic bags to bbq Sunday, how long can they last in the fridge?
  6. Biggy1


    AC Legg pork 10 has instructions for the 11oz. bag seasons 25lbs. of meat, so I want to use half of the bag for 12.5 lbs of pork butt which is 5.5 ounces of seasoning and for 8.5lbs of beef , how much season will I use ?
  7. Biggy1

    Cure # 1

    Cure #1 is 93.75 % of salt , how do I subtract the correct amount of salt from 10 #'s of pork in which Digging Dogs Farm has 80.11 grams of salt?
  8. Biggy1

    Ratio of Kosher salt

    What the ratio of Morton's coarse kosher salt and Morton's Kosher salt?
  9. Biggy1

    Boudin and Cure #1

    I attempted to make some boudin with 4lbs. of pork and 1lb. of chicken liver for 5lbs. When the meat was cooked and ground it ended up as 3lbs. , so I measured the cure 1 for 3lbs before adding the rice. Can the boudin be eaten or thrown away by the way it's in freezer bags in the freezer now...
  10. Biggy1

    AC Legg Pork 10 Seasoning

    I'm not good at math so the question is ac legg says 3 tablespoons to 5 pounds of meat, so how many tablespoons to 7lbs.?
  11. Biggy1

    Refrigerate sausage with cure # 1

    I grinded my meat yesterday and seasoned it added cure #1 and then stuffed and put it in the refrigerator to smoke, how many days can I leave it in before smoking because it is raining and kinda cold?
  12. Biggy1

    Cure #1

    I have 10lbs.13ozs. of pork and beef but the diggingdog calculator says 11.47 grams of cure #1 , can I put 12 grams in if so how much kosher salt?
  13. Biggy1

    Polish Sausage Help

    Trying to make some Polish Sausage and I need your help with amount of seasoning help for 10 lbs. Kosher salt, Sugar, Black pepper, Marjoram in grams please. I get the salt amount I think it's 72 grams but can't calculate the amount of spices and seasonings.
  14. Biggy1

    Hill Country smoked sausage Question

    I'm trying to duplicate the Hill country recipe but I'm adding cure#1 to slow smoke instead, my question is since sausage will be slow smoke do it have to be rubbed with cooking oil ?
  15. Biggy1

    Seasoning and spices

    10 lbs. Pork shoulder = 80 grams of Kosher salt, course black pepper = ?, mustard seeds =?, granulated garlic =?, marjoram =? Water =?,NFDM=? Now Ya'll fill in the question marks that Ya'll would add. Just to see how close I am.
  16. Biggy1

    Hill Country smoked sausage Question

    I'm going to try and make 10 lbs. Of hill country smoked sausage but I want to slow smoke it by adding cure#1 to the recipe , can it be done like that or do I have to smoke it at 225* ?
  17. Biggy1

    Drying sausage to smoke

    Can you use a clean cloth towel to dry sausage before smoking instead of drying with smoker @ 120* vent opened door ajar ?
  18. Biggy1

    Sausage look

    Here's a photo of the sausage.
  19. Biggy1

    Beginner's photos

    Done today.
  20. Biggy1


    What's the temperature to smoke boudin and the amount of time ?
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