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  1. gil-b-q

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    Nice job! Thanks for the pic; very helpful.
  2. gil-b-q

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    So did you just put a plate between the burner and chip tray? Sounds like a nice, simple solution...
  3. gil-b-q

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    I have the 44241g2. I seem to go through chips/chunks pretty quickly and will be replacing the 2 chip trays with cast iron.
  4. gil-b-q

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    Not sure how yours is configured, but can you replace the pan with a cast iron box or frypan? 
  5. gil-b-q

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    I picked up the Smoke Hollow 44241G2 about a month ago (upgraded from the ECB). Overall a pretty nice smoker, especially as I grabbed it for $299 at Gander Mountain on sale! It's pretty cold here in Update NY right now, so I haven't had any issues getting my temps LOW enough (215-225) and have...
  6. gil-b-q

    New Smoke Hollow 44241G2

    I recently upgraded from the ECB to the big Smoke Hollow (Number 8 I think). So far I've only done a shoulder, 10# of wings and and about 150 Moink Balls (all for a Super Bowl party). Here are my initial thoughts... Likes: 1) Space (obviously). The ECB was pretty small, though a great 1st...
  7. New Smoke Hollow 44241G2

    New Smoke Hollow 44241G2

  8. IMG_20130120_150821_777.jpg


  9. gil-b-q

    7 Pound Sandwich w pics

    Awesome!! I see a Man vs. Food challenge coming from this...
  10. gil-b-q

    Great forum!

    I love this forum! I've been smoking about 2 years and have now gotten my 12 year old son into it. Started out with the ECB, which I handed down to my son when I bought the 44" Smoke Hollow (propane).  We smoke a lot of pork (mostly shoulder, but there have been a few racks of ribs in there...
  11. gil-b-q

    Scarbelly Wings (Buffalo Style)

    I made 20 pounds of these yesterday for a Super Bowl party. It's a bit of work injecting all of those pieces but well worth it...they came out PERFECT and were devoured immediately! Everyone raved about them, including my wife who was not much of wing fan prior to these; thanks for the idea...
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