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  1. wpnsexpert78

    Been gone awhile really need to start blowing smoke again.

    Been gone awhile really need to start blowing smoke again.
  2. wpnsexpert78

    Pitts and Spitts Pellet Smoker arrived.

    Well after years of seeing others use pellet smokers mostly Treagar. I had to try one myself. I opted to go with a trusted brand and I'm glad I did. Its build to last and boy does it smoke. Can't wait to fire it up for real today.
  3. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

    Starting to look good.
  4. 20160826_061726.jpg


  5. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

    And so it begins.
  6. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

  7. 20160826_024511.jpg


  8. Big Smoke tomorrow.

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

  9. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

  10. 20160825_205010.jpg


  11. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

    I work in the Bingham Canyon Cooper Mine in Utah for the Engineering Group.
  12. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

    Smoking for our company safety pause. Will post pictures when I start tomorrow.
  13. wpnsexpert78

    What do you do when you bored?

    Not around my office. People eat it as fast I can warm it up.
  14. wpnsexpert78

    Big Smoke tomorrow.

    Well time for another cook. 75 lbs of brisket flats, 40 lbs of chicken and 25 pounds of sausage. Lets get this party started.
  15. wpnsexpert78

    Fajitas for 75.

    I know right. It was interesting to say the least. Learned of a few minor modifications that need to be made to the trailer, learned how things need to be setup next go round and sequencing the food and cooks. 
  16. wpnsexpert78

    Fajitas for 75.

  17. IMG_0746.JPG


  18. Fajitas for 75.

    Fajitas for 75.

  19. wpnsexpert78

    Fajitas for 75.

    Alright gents so let me recap they cookout this weekend. So as usual I volunteered to cook at our Company Summer Party. The menu would include beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas.I was using my new trailer unit with the Santa Maria grill, griddle and steam table. I had fellow SMF member...
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