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  1. J

    Bradford pear?

    It's mild like apple. Bradford pears are known for splitting apart under their own weight after 20 years or so. Usually during the spring.
  2. J

    New Pellet Grill

    Rec Tec evangelists are the new vegans and crossfitters.
  3. J

    Memphis Pro

    It's not that it's a blend, it's that they advertise hickory or maple oak cherry and it's mostly alder or something else cheap and bland. Traeger is actually being sued over their pellets right now.
  4. J

    Yonder vs Horizon Smokers

    Yep. So you do have a Horizon dealer close by.
  5. J

    Memphis Pro

    Many brands of pellets are overpriced blends with a relatively small amount of flavor wood. Either go cheap (Pit Boss brand) or go with Lumberjack (100% flavor wood). Traeger, Louisiana Grills, etc are a rip.
  6. J

    Yonder vs Horizon Smokers

    Horizon smokers are very nice, as are Yoder. They're very similar. I'd take into consideration how close the nearest dealer is, in the event that warranty or customer service is necessary.
  7. J

    Fan add on for WSM

    4AA battery to AC adapter conversion kit This could work. Cheap enough to be worth a shot.
  8. J

    Spider Grill Pellet Smoker

    Don't listen to the fanboys. I'm sure it's a good unit. They're all made in China anyway. The best you can get it Assembled in the USA. Everyone uses Chinese parts.
  9. J

    New Pellet Grill

    Wait until spring when all of the new models are out. None of the cookers you're looking at are going to perform much different than your Daniel Boone. Pit Boss, Weber and others are coming out with new designs that would be a bigger upgrade.
  10. J

    Pellet overload -PitBoss

    Sounds like the flame went out. Could be low ambient temp or too much ash in the firepot. Clean your cooker out and try again. If it's really cold you may need to run a lower p setting to keep it burning.
  11. J

    Rib hangers on bullet smoker

    The bottom may hang a bit close to the coals to run without a water pan. And I would keep water in it or the drippings may burn up and put a layer of burnt grease on your ribs, unless you're running really low and slow.
  12. J

    Dyna-Glo SS Offset Vertical

    If you haven't already, expanded steel retains coals better than the stock firebox grate.
  13. J

    Dyna-Glo SS Offset Vertical

    I have the Dynaglo Signature Series offset too. Runs great as a stick burner. The grates are only 16“ so laying ribs down flat is tight but if you get a set of hooks it's perfect for hanging full racks.
  14. J

    Pit Boss Copperhead 5 series

    You may want to fabricate or buy something similar. No reason it can't be done.
  15. J

    Pit Boss Copperhead 5 series

    Some of the Pitboss grills have a sliding heat deflector to allow for direct heat grilling. It's not completely open over the firepot however. There are slots in the heat deflector to allow some flame and heat to get through.
  16. J

    Pitboss: Smoking a brisket on smoke

    P setting regulates the time between augur activation. If it is running below the temp you set it to, lower the p setting. If it is running hot, raise the p setting. That said, the cooler it runs the more smoke you'll get and smoke production drops off with higher temps. You can play with it by...
  17. J

    Heat but no smoke?

    Why aren't you using your stick burner as a stick burner?
  18. J

    Retain smoke in cook chamber?

    It will stall for hours and hours if you run at 180F continuously. Not sure why you would do this.
  19. J

    Retain smoke in cook chamber?

    Hours. Bacteria does not travel through whole muscle tissue well at all. Ground meat is what's risky. The smoke (and the rub) also kills surface bacteria. Just rinse the meat and it can go a long time. Bacteria growth slows and eventually stops as you get above 125F internal temperature. By 140F...
  20. J

    Retain smoke in cook chamber?

    Run as low as possible for the first 2-3 hours, then raise the temp. And as others have mentioned, spritzing will also help.
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