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  1. sirhuntsalot

    Home made dehydrator ??

    Anyone made a large capacity dehydrator. Thinking of making one that is double walled that allows the air to circulate between the walls and coming out into the inner chamber for good air flow. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. sirhuntsalot

    Most Moist Delectable Venison tenderloin Roll

    Looks great. I'll give it a try for sure.  
  3. sirhuntsalot

    High temp cheese or not

    You stand a good chance at bad results with regular cheese. I've seen it too many times. Not saying it can't be done but there is not much room for era.
  4. sirhuntsalot

    How long to marinate??

    I like 24 to 48 hours but I don't think 4 days will hurt.
  5. sirhuntsalot

    tenderness with deer meat

    It's hard to say with deer. I think tenderness also has a lot to do with how the deer was handled and if it was stressed after the shot. I've shot big old bucks that have been tender and the toughest deer I ever ate was an old doe. Even the back straps were like leather. A young doe is hard to...
  6. sirhuntsalot

    First Jerky attempt in my converted fridge smoker

    I use my fridge smoker for jerky as well. I'm thinking of making a small fan for the air intake to mover the air in the smoker out a little better. Jerky making produces lots of moisture and I think this would help to get it out. Something like a small computer fan should be big enough I think...
  7. sirhuntsalot

    Bulgarian Deer Lukanka (dried)

    I ain't going to lie...that sounds nasty. Interesting...but nasty. LOL
  8. sirhuntsalot

    what kind of grinder is best for stuffing? ac legg cure

    I bought one of the 15# from Northern Tool. They are very good stuffers and good quality. Metal gears are a must. You will not know how you did without one.
  9. sirhuntsalot


    Some people just want to make a deer taste like something else. It's deer. Like others have said... taking good care of the meat is key. You wouldn't ride a package of ribeyes around for two days then put them in a tree in the sun to "age" for several more days then expect it to be good eats...
  10. sirhuntsalot

    pulled venison

    Yes it can be done. The way I do it is to debone a deer ham and smoke it then I will slice it thin on my meat slicer. I then put it in a crock pot and pour my sauce on it and stir it around and it will fall apart. It works great. Here is a link to some I did. There is a picture of it pull on...
  11. D40 006.jpg

    D40 006.jpg

  12. pulled venison

    pulled venison

  13. sirhuntsalot

    Side Box

    Could you show more detail of the build you did? Is it like a Stumps? I've been wanting to do something like that. Would really like to see inside and more close up pictures.
  14. sirhuntsalot

    What about a Stumps clone from a refrigerator ??

    Been thinking of trying to make one. After all a Stumps is nothing more than a sealed, insulated box with a charcoal chute on the outside. You guys see any issues with this kind of build? I've made a fridge with electric but would like to try this idea.
  15. sirhuntsalot

    New Fridge Build.

    I was wondering...Why did you lower the heating element below the floor? Seems grease would collect in there. I am just using a hot plate in mine for now but plan on using one like you have and with the PID.
  16. sirhuntsalot

    gasket material

    I just used two pieces of the rope gasket. Butt them together and it will be fine. My seam is about knee high on both sides and not a drop of smoke comes out.
  17. sirhuntsalot

    Racks ? ? ?

    We have a couple of "junk" dealers around here that sells metal and such. I can't remember what I gave for it. Seems like 40 something a sheet. Lowes and box stores will be higher than a place that sells stuff like this. Look around a price it. Oven racks are too wide open for my liking.
  18. sirhuntsalot

    Racks ? ? ?

    I made mine from expanded metal. Works fine and cheaper than buying high dollar racks.
  19. sirhuntsalot

    My "cool" summer sausage smoker...picts.

    Well, I cooked the sausage at 175 at the highest. They were not ever hot to the touch. If I cook higher and they get hot or start to melt I will take them off and weld a metal knob on but no problems yet.
  20. sirhuntsalot

    My "cool" summer sausage smoker...picts.

    Here is my paint job I did....I think I'll keep my day job.
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