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  1. Millberry

    Child labor?

    That came be described in one simple word PRECIOUS
  2. Millberry

    Family Addition expected Thursday

  3. Millberry

    Just pulled the trigger on my next smoker....

    That is a thing of beauty.
  4. Millberry

    Thanks for adding me to the group

    you definitely picked the PERFCT forum to join, You will be flabbergasted
  5. Millberry

    Thanks for adding me to the group

    Hey bro' Welcome from the Deep South!!! Georgia
  6. Millberry

    Hello All!!

    Welcome fromn good ole Georgia
  7. Millberry

    Featured Bacon onion rings

    looks hard to make to me----Lazy Charlie
  8. Millberry

    Featured Bacon onion rings

    You definitelly win the OH MY GOD award. My mouth has salava dripping down my cheek-Thank you for the pictures.
  9. Millberry

    disappointed with ths viper fan in a way. I HAVE to crack open my vents the company told me to...

    disappointed with ths viper fan in a way. I HAVE to crack open my vents the company told me to close..Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 - Are you having that problem?
  10. Millberry

    Smokin' and searin"

    I made 9 1/2 years before becoming disabled. A GOOD SON --is truly a blessing..................
  11. Millberry

    You might be a redneck if ..........,,,,,,,,

  12. Millberry

    You might be a redneck if ..........,,,,,,,,

    Dang----forgot about that
  13. Millberry

    Pork CSR Burnt Ends

    Now that is a fine looking smoke. Congratulations !!!!! I got to get a recipe for that homemade sauce-
  14. Millberry

    Smokin' and searin"

    Thank you for having such a wonderful son to serve for us
  15. Millberry

    Pork Shoulder, Smoker Turned Off

    ......thank you for the very informative post--and the replies..........we learn a lot on here don't we? What a forum!
  16. Millberry

    Mississippi Mud Roast

    I GOTTA try that! What pictures! Thank you (the black pepper made me feel like I was tasting it)
  17. Millberry

    Bear meat

    DAMN! Is that where they came up with Smokey the bear? From that pretty red smoker? Geez.....Learn something every day.
  18. Millberry

    Brunswick Stew

    Jake--you always amaze me. I think in my last life I was a billionaire and you were my chef. YOU COOK LIKE I EAT--if that makes sense. Charlie
  19. Millberry

    Party Wings!!!

    Geez Slater--Where's the invite? White vinegar--got to try it......Charlie
  20. Millberry


    Wow-------I mean "double wow"
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