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  1. tx smoker

    Deer bologna (Disco's moose German bologna style )

    That's some really nice looking sausage Jim. Being a sausage junkie I'd stand in line half a day for a taste of that. Nice job sir!! Robert
  2. tx smoker

    Monday Morning Brekky!

    AMEN Brother John!! Robert
  3. tx smoker

    Pork Loin Carnitas In A Cheddar Cheese Bowl (With Pics)

    I'll preface this by saying that these aren't authentic Caritas. All I had was a pork loin so went with it and did not mess with running to the store for a shoulder. The seasoning however was authentic. Sadly though I didn't write down amounts so can just give a brief summary if asked. I cubed...
  4. tx smoker

    Featured Bacon onion rings

    O....M....G!!! Those look fantastic Peachy. I can only imagine...3 slices of bacon to wrap one onion ring.That's my kind of food right there sir. Excellent job. Robert
  5. tx smoker

    Monday Morning Brekky!

    Great gawd Ray!! I'd say that everything for the day was done because by the time you finished that breakfast, you had to have been done :emoji_laughing: If I ate that much for breakfast I'd need to call the paramedics to carry me back to bed for the rest of the day....food coma extreme!! Robert
  6. tx smoker

    Ooni Pizza Oven

    A good friend here in the forum ordered one a while ago. Although I have no experience wit them, I know he did a ton of research before ordering it. Point being that I'd be willing to bet that they are a very good unit or he would not have placed the order. It's taking a while to deliver but if...
  7. tx smoker

    Ground Beef Jerky Failure

    I had the same issue about 30 years ago when I first tried making jerky. Gave up on the ground meat and started using eye of round roast....and never looked back. I've made hundreds of pounds using it and not a single issue. If you don't have a slicer I'd imagine the butcher at the grocery...
  8. tx smoker

    Sandwich Spread

    I like this because it doesn't have that sickly sweet relish in it. I know it's just me but I can't stand any sauce or spread with sweet relish. Robert
  9. tx smoker

    CHORIZO Burgers

    WOW!! I bet those were really good.Nice job and they look delicious. Robert
  10. tx smoker

    Surf & Surf. (With Bacon)

    Wow Bear!! Nice looking stuff buddy. I'd be all over a couple plates of that :emoji_wink: Robert
  11. tx smoker

    Couple Different Chili's On a Cool Weekend

    Very much appreciate the tag Jim but you tagged the wrong person :emoji_wink: I have a space between tx and smoker. You tagged a newbie that hasn't been into the forum for quite a while. Not the first time this has happened though.... Robert
  12. tx smoker

    Couple Different Chili's On a Cool Weekend

    Yo!! I see a huge problem here. There is a beer in the first pic when you're just starting out but no more. What's up with that? You absolutely cannot do chili and only have one beer. You're gonna get a serious talking-to from the folks here about this faux pas. Robert
  13. tx smoker

    Couple Different Chili's On a Cool Weekend

    Wow John...both of those look REALLY good!! I'll take 2 huge bows of the Texas chili, one huge bowl of the turkey version....and some corn bread please. Excellent job buddy. I've done a very similar chili as your Texas version and it takes a considerable amount of time and work. Well worth it in...
  14. tx smoker

    Salt question

    I'm not an expert by any means so can only share our experience with salt. Several years ago I decided to cut WAY back on salt intake and found ways to make food taste good without using standard iodized table salt. Some things however just need some salt....like sausage. We switched to Pink...
  15. tx smoker

    Bread Machine

    This is the one we got. Had it for about 4 years and it's performed flawlessly. Still running strong after hundreds of times it's been used. There are a few bread items I mix in the stand mixer but most are done with the machine. Robert
  16. tx smoker

    Lunch Empanada

    Well if that's the case Warren, when I grow up I wanna be just like you :emoji_wink: Really don't want to grow up, Robert
  17. tx smoker

    Holy Moly Stromboli!! (W/Pics)

    Thanks Chop!! I couldn't either. Been buying stuff from this place for a while and everything has been excellent. Went to place an order a while back and saw their pizza dough mixes. Decided to give it a shot and love them!! So easy and SO good...
  18. tx smoker

    Holy Moly Stromboli!! (W/Pics)

    I love the bread machine and it gets used quite frequently. Heck, sometimes I even make bread with it :emoji_wink: There's a number of different things they are good for and I try to utilize it as often as possible. Thank you Rob. I appreciate it sir. Thanks so much Jake. I have a tendency...
  19. tx smoker

    Holy Moly Stromboli!! (W/Pics)

    Thank you sir!! Glad I finally decided to toss it out there. Appreciate it Eddie. Got the cogs turning for another one to do pretty soon. Thank you my friend for the kind words. Certainly you could use Canadian bacon, but this is ham, which I prefer. I'll do a pizza with CB and pineapple...
  20. tx smoker

    Holy Moly Stromboli!! (W/Pics)

    Thanks Ryan. The marinara is super simple but we love it!! It gets used a lot. Appreciate it John. I made the mistake once of putting sauce inside and it just turned into a gooey mess. Worst part was that the bottom got all gooey and didn't crust up. Never again. Thank you Bear, but no, it's...
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